back to article Remember when Microsoft devs got so excited about Windows 8 features, Twitter thought it was under attack?

Microsoft veteran Raymond Chen has reminded us of the time when Twitter misdetected the overexcited developer emissions from the 2011 Build conference as a denial-of-service attack and hit the mute button. Chen is curiously quiet on what caused the volume of messages to spike so during the keynote. The Register is happy to …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmm, excitement? I only recall people just laughing at Microsoft flailing about with no direction to take Windows in. So instead doing weird things like removing the start menu.

    Can we just bolt the Windows NT 4.0 UI onto Windows Server Core and get on with our lives yet?

    1. Piro Silver badge

      What, no love for mmc?

      Meet me at Windows 2000 and I'll agree.

  2. IceC0ld

    it was a different world back then, anyone else recall the 'excitement' with W95 launch, no, seriously, everything was agog, apparently, and MS were holding world wide openings of stores to allow people to get the CD of the OS all at the same time .....

    different world indeed

    mind you, we didn't really have much else to keep us interested did we LOL

    in the days before THE web took over everything, and when people saying they were working on games for phones were laughed at, when a top PC gaming mag hit out at Battle of Britain as it 'required' 128MB of RAM to run, and the headline of "who is going to buy a game that needs such a ridiculous amount of memory"

    bearing in mind that RAM was around £1 a MB back then too :o)

  3. User McUser

    Completely unbelivable story

    You expect us to believe that somebody was able to call Twitter on the phone and a human being answered?

    You gotta make this stuff more plausible if you want to be taken seriously...

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