back to article Latest Windows 11 Preview a well-rounded update – literally

While the Windows of today may have more holes in it than a 20-year-old pair of underpants, Microsoft has continued plugging away at previews for the upcoming iteration, Windows 11. Having got the excitement of integrated Teams chat out the way earlier this week, it was business as usual for build 22000.100, released to Dev …

  1. TheProf

    Winaero Tweaker

    Any idea if Winaero Tweaker or similar will tame this UI and make it behave like a boring, normal, usable computer?

    1. DJV Silver badge

      Re: boring, normal, usable computer

      Unfortunately, I suspect that's the opposite of what MS are aiming for and, no doubt, many of the "under the hood", (cough) *improvements* (cough) are there specifically to prevent useful utilities like Winaero Tweaker and Open Shell from doing their jobs.

  2. Scott Broukell


    Perhaps Microsoft should have called it: Windows O

  3. redpawn

    Needs a better name

    How about Windows Puppy Chow to be followed by Dog Chow, Kitten Chow, Cat Chow...

    1. Jeroen Braamhaar

      Re: Needs a better name

      It would have to be of at least dogfood quality then.

      Evidence not found.

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Needs a better name

        Given my recent battles with Windows 10, the front of the dog is not the end that comes to mind.

        Or to quote Carwash the cat: "Ah. The more intelligent portion of the animal."

  4. Archivist

    MS late to the roundness party

    At lease it'll put pay to all the Apple roundness quips - or will it?

  5. chivo243 Silver badge

    Round windows?

    Roundows? Round OS? Used by Halflings?

  6. Alumoi Silver badge

    Polishing a turd

    Mythbusters managed to do it, but I doubt MS will.

  7. Bodestone

    I like the approach taken in some ways but my corners are still square

    Customisation and taskbar features have been stripped to the bone and I think this is a good thing as they have been accumulating and getting ever more cluttered since '95.

    It's far easier to get feedback on what people really want back. No-one is going to ad feedback saying they want options they have been ignoring for years to be removed.

    The feedback I have seen has, on the whole, been constructive in this respect and some has been acted on, as already as mentioned.

    On the rounded corners though, I have none on my Hyper-V instance except for the start menu and clock which are custom widgety things. All standard windows have square corners and I am up to date.

    I have read posts that say you need new GFX drivers or need to enable hardware acceleration to get them but if rounded corners are such a big selling point then they need to be standard from the ground up on any platform that meets the Win11 requirements (mine does). You can't have a basic OS visual experience that varies between certain hardware or settings. It's just not consistant.

    Also, what is wrong with right angled corners? My monitor has them anyway. Am I supposed to see a small cutout of my desktop at each corner when windows are maximised or will rounded corners only apply to normalised windows, another inconsistancy? Will Microsoft start selling monitors with rounded corners?

    Maybe they cann add a £1500 rounded stand.

    That aside, and the fact that this is not really a new version but the largest w10 feature update yet, I don't feel the hate that so many do. The start menu is finally clean (once you can turn off the reccomended part). I guess my first point about the feature/customisation pruning, and that it really is a very early dev release full of flaws has led to that level of bile but these things are address by constructive feedback, not instant hatred.

    Go look at the feedback hub (which has its own issues) and see the top rated feedback. Likely most of them will address the things you are most uncomfortable with. Vote them up.

    I was also able to add information on a few bugs (such as the remote desktop toggle not working in the settings module (as opposed to the old system settings) by following the quests to explore the funtionality.

    Additionally, the VM was initially running on spinning rust and I could hear the lack of drive hammering in 11 compared to 10.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    are you kidding?

    "...sync problems for the Taskbar clock..."

    this has only been working since WIndows 3.1, WTF do you do to break it?

  9. Hugh Jass.

    Well, everything might be all sunshine and rainbows on the Dev channel...

    ...but I'm experiencing quite a lot of bork on the Beta channel.

  10. nohomo

    The next step...

    Will I be able to use Windows 11 unvaccinated?

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      Re: The next step...

      Yes, provided you don't mind not getting a good 5G signal.

  11. gerdesj Silver badge


    A Linux box can have a variety of window managers and each WM can do whatever the heck it wants.

    You can have choice and loads of it.

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