back to article Zoom! That's the sounds of comms firm chomping down on loss-making Five9 in transaction valued at $14.7bn

Zoom is making a full-blown entry into the cloudy Unified Comms business by hoovering up Contact-Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) outfit Five9 in an all-share transaction valued at a whopping $14.7bn. Five9 produces cloud-based contact centre software: a suite of applications built to manage customer interactions across multiple …

  1. Barry Rueger

    Bravo Zoon!

    It's truly great to see a company with a good product that delivers what it promises, is free of clutter, and is well thought-out enough that literally anyone can use it

    The rest of the Internet, and 99% of phone apps, could learn from their example.

    Plus they don't shove endless ads and pop-ups in your face, and seemingly don't datamine everything that you do.

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      Re: Bravo Zoon!

      This example seems like they may be copying the Facebook growth methods, buy (with shares not cash) useful other companies and expand ... I wonder who else was about to buy Five9?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bravo Zoon!

      Hmmm, is this the same Zoom that bypassed browser security settings, fobbed off users' details to Facebook without permission, lied about (and doubled down on) their end-to-end encryption, routed data through servers in China (to which, as I understand it, Chinese government authorities have all-access passes), and wanted to build FBI backdoors into its no-fee version (can not recall if they were actually built or not)? That Zoom? In fairness, these, um, "mistakes" were fixed when pointed out (although I have not read the T's and C's and can not say what, if anything, still lurks therein), and any company will have growing pains when expanding from small to ginormous at the speed of pandemic lockdown orders. However, too many anti-user decisions (does anyone accidentally bypass browser security settings?) in a relatively short time has put them off my "trustworthy" list. Obviously, others will feel differently about the matter, given their meeting requirements and other constraints.

      Not that Google and Microsoft are on the side of the angels, either.

  2. Julz


    Had to look up what CCaas is. Not too much the wiser but I think it is call center apps running in the cloud which you rent. It apparently "helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences to maximize business outcomes". Which I guess translates as, not pissing off your customers too much while not costing a lot.

  3. rshpount
    Thumb Down

    Zoom bought a boat anchor

    They just purchased a company with a lot of legacy software in old style Telecom business. Changing anything is hard since it ends up negatively affecting some customer who needs some legacy feature. This is why all big Telecom equipment vendors went bankrupt. Too much legacy, not enough profit.

    1. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

      Re: Zoom bought a boat anchor

      Yep. I detect the sound of "We're real CEOs now, doing the big deals!" You can do that when you are playing with somebody else's Monopoly money.

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