back to article Russia's Elbrus has a RISC-V competitor as Yadro prepares native chips for launch

Russia's Yadro and subsidiary Syntacore have announced an effort to develop homegrown processors based on the free and open RISC-V architecture. A report in local newspaper Ведомости, first spotted in the west by AnandTech, pointed to state-owned Rostec providing up to 30bn rubles (around $400m, £290m) in backing to Yadro and …

  1. nautica Silver badge

    No downsides...

    Open Source--everybody wins.

  2. beardman

    would trust the russians...

    ...only to destroy things

    look at that vast land rich in resources and look into its history,,, of everything they could've built, they achieved only some

    1. Epsilon99

      Re: would trust the russians...

      I don't think you understand what you are talking about. One of the greatest scientists ever come from Russia.

      Also what resources are you talking about? Fossils? What do they have to do with anything? Not to mention that fossils activelly started to be extracted only in the 20th century (when Russia went through WW1, Civil war, WW2). By that time Europe was already built on collonial money. Russia never had colonies.

      Also ever tried to find and extract fossils in the harshest climate this planet has to offer? And it's not like West doesn't have access to resources. They print enough money to buy them.

      Also look up population of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark. Each of them is the size of UK or Japan but they have significantly smaller poplation due to climate (5.5 mln and 10 mln vs 70 mln and 130 mln). Russia's climate is even harshier than that but Russians managed with 150 mln people and if not for wars that not Russia stated Russia's population would be well over 200 millions if not 300.

      "they achieved only some"

      What Canada has achived? They have no less "resources", especially per capita, but noone knows of Canada's achivements.

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