back to article South Korea’s top telco launches 'metaverse'

South Korea’s top Telco, SK Telecom, has launched a “metaverse” virtual environment and plans to grow it from a fun place to hang online into a forum for more serious collaboration. Known as “Ifland” and aimed at the “MZ generation” – the overlapping cohorts of millennials and Generation Z – the service offers users the chance …

  1. knarf

    Ready Player One and a Half

    was wondering when someone was going to try this.

    Although no Doom World or sadly Dune

  2. Filippo Silver badge

    I wonder if they'll manage to keep the percentage of users who use it for cybering below 50%.

  3. PerlyKing


    I hope that Neal Stephenson is getting his royalties ;-)


  4. LordHighFixer


    So, it is a neutered version of Secondlife, run by a government entity, with a little VR sprinkled on top. I think I saw that movie.. Just ignore the hypnotic flashing lights and the subliminal frames..

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