back to article Beijing bans merger of Tencent gaming outfits Huya and DouYu, to prevent a monopoly

Chinese regulators have refused to approve the merger of two Chinese game streaming services, citing the potential for creating a monopoly in the industry for the part-owner of both companies — tech giant Tencent. According to a State Administration of Market Supervision (SAMR) statement released Saturday, the Chinese …

  1. prismatics

    This is the kind of thoughtful political action that I wish we had more of here.

    1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

      Indeed. Although in this case I suspect it's more of a case of the Party saying "We're the only monopoly around here, mate!".

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    It's like reorganising chairs on Titanic. Oh no these too will sit together, we can't have that.

    It's all theatre for the west to appear "legit", but all these "companies" are controlled by CPC as per China security law.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Chairs - No

      First, comparing China to the Titanic is wishful thinking. American sanctions have proved to be more of an ice cube than an iceberg and their economic growth is better than most, if not all, Western countries.

      Second, the CPC does control Chinese companies because they are the government. Similarly, Western governments control Western companies, when they choose to.

      Third, all countries' security laws are ridiculously powerful and secretive.

      Fourth, there are any number of Chinese activities and actions that deserve condemnation. This is not one of them.

      America should be taking a much harder line with companies buying out the competition. And ElReg readers can offer numerous examples from numerous articles where stopping would be a good thing.

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