back to article Nvidia opens Hardware Grant Programme – which doesn't mean RTX 30 series cards

Nvidia has opened its Hardware Grant Programme, offering those in academia the chance to pick up high-performance processors for their computing needs – so long as they're not after the company's latest RTX 30xx parts anyway. "The Nvidia Hardware Grant Programme helps advance AI and data science by partnering with academic …

  1. Boothy

    RTX 30* stock

    On a related note, the Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPUs seem to be turning up in stock now, at least in the UK, I had a quick look last night and one of the main component suppliers I use, now had several 30 series cards in stock, mostly 3070s, but a few 3080s and 3090s, in stock ready for next day delivery.

    All at extortionate prices still though. But at least it's a sign that perhaps demand is now no longer exceeding supply, so we might start to see prices start to drop over the coming weeks. Maybe!

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