back to article Kaseya claims SaaS restoration going swimmingly

Beleaguered IT management firm Kaseya says sixty per cent of its SaaS services have been successfully restored. An update to the firm’s advisory regarding the attack on its VSA product, time-stamped 10:00PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on July 11th, states: “The restoration of services is progressing according to plan, with 60 …

  1. vmistery

    Unfortunately security isn’t a priority in much software (and general system configuration) design as it’s often cheaper to face the consequences of a breach than robustly implement security which still might be breached anyway. Until security is as much as a focus as other requirements like usability we can expect things like this to continue.

  2. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    I would wrestle this guy's shovel away from him...

    but I'm too busy enjoying my popcorn.

    At this point, the CEO is clearly failing at his #1 job: not looking like a complete idiot in public.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Same old same old

    "staff pointed out security problems for years, but were rebuffed by management"

    They sat on the flaws for years without telling anybody or doing anything. This was well before the white hats noticed them and informed Kaseya.

    And what will happen?

    Insurance will cover the cost; Kaseya won't lose many customers because it's too costly to switch; in a year new customers will forget it ever happened; and management will continue to prioritize everything over security.

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