back to article Taiwan chip giant sees 20 per cent revenue spike as industry struggles to meet demand

Chip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has seen quarterly revenue hit NT$372.1bn ($13.3bn), nearly 20 per cent up from a year earlier as the manufacturer struggles to cope with mountainous demand in the pandemic recovery. Figures released today also show an astonishing increase of 32 per cent in monthly revenue from …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    1.5 million wafers a year

    I wonder what this vast increase in production capability will have as an impact on water pollution.

    All those additional millions of gallons of water aren't going to clense themselves.

  2. JohnBonachon

    Pandemic = price will increase.

    Post-pandemic = price will increase.

    electronic coin = price will increase.


    IMHO, they are creating fake scarcity.

    1. RancidRodent

      The shutdown totally exposed or stretched-out dependant-on-China supply chains - and what have global governments done? Mostly nothing - move along - nothing to see here.

      A huge factory fire in Japan has left a world shortage of generic DA/AD converters which are used everywhere.

  3. RancidRodent

    And the UK's largest semiconductor fab has just been sold to China - we can't even make hay while the sun shines.

    HTF is this allowed to happen? First British Steel (the secretive military steel bit) and now this - during a China inspired biological attack on the world.

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