back to article You've patched that critical Sage X3 ERP security hole, yeah? Not exposing the suite to the internet, either, yeah?

Admins of on-premises Sage X3 ERP deployments should check they're not exposing the enterprise resource planning suite to the public internet in case they fall victim to an unauthenticated command execution vulnerability. And said administrators should have installed by now the latest patches for the software, which address a …

  1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    I doubt it

    I doubt admins would have patched, I know full well most customers will be behind a reseller responsible for telling them.

    Since where I have worked we have been with 3 different resellers for Tetra CS3/Line 500/1000, none pass one patch messages.

    Whilst on the subject I wonder if the older products will be checked, as the codes well over 30 years old.

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