back to article Evidence planted on laptops of jailed Indian activists, says forensics firm Arsenal Consulting

Evidence used to charge an Indian man with plotting to assassinate India’s Prime Minister and inciting violence at a 2018 protest was planted on his laptop, according to US digital forensics consultancy Arsenal Consulting. The man in question, Surendra Gadling, is an activist and human rights lawyer and a frequent critic of …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    YAY! Another evil dictatorship!

    Let's have fun watching them go headlong down that slippery slope of fail and see what kind of motorway-accident-scene-you-can't-help-but-goggle-at-in-horror clusterfuck they create in the process! I'll go get the popcorn as this looks to be an "interesting" (Chinese proverb version) shitshow to watch...


    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: YAY! Another evil dictatorship!

      It's OK. So long as they provide cheap labour, they will still be our besties.

  2. Auntie Dickspray
    Thumb Up

    Dictators to Sue a Complicit Big-Tech Company?

    I hope that Twitter is sued out of existence by the same repressive governments to whom Twitter caters.

  3. Sykowasp

    Can't see how the next election in India will be free in any way, given the trajectory of their current government and their desire to stay in power.

    Fabricating evidence to put opponents in prison is a very Russian move.

    1. Dr Scrum Master

      Russian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Pakistani, etc etc

      1. Woodnag Silver badge

        It's only 'other countries' that plant evidence etc to punish enemies?

        I don't think so.

        U.S. Case Against Julian Assange Falls Apart, as Key Witness Says He Lied to Get Immunity

        FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart

        ...and Craig Murray is no stranger to having your country be out to get you.

  4. David Shaw

    No comment

    I don’t think I’m able comment on a tech/privacy/security situation due to UKs new national security laws.

    It does seem to be reasonable (as in parliamentary/judiciary ok) for democratic states to legally lie, commit crimes, implant malware etc.

    But it seems increasingly unwise to discuss any aspect of this, as that is illegal, or soon will be.

    They’ll be arresting/imprisoning/shooting journalists next…

  5. Raj

    So to summarize:

    1. The Indian government supposedly hacked activists' laptops 2 years BEFORE a riot they knew would occur, and planted the right evidence to incriminate them activists.

    2. Arse-anal somehow manages to get all information off computers that have since been wiped clean and reinstalled with Windows, including evidence that's now in federal custody, i.e. everything in the report is actually verifiable reality... somehow.

    3. The Indian government is bad because a plot to assassinate a national leader was handled by a central intelligence agency and not by the state government, or ideally not by anyone at all.

    4. Somehow a US based entity claiming to have a lot of detailed access to electronic gear associated with political activists in another country is totally ok, but hey if if was US politics and Russian or Chinese or even Indian agencies, that's also totally ok right ?

    5. Indian government is also bad because it doesn't let Twitter have the protection of Section 230, a US law. In India. And any other US laws that Twitter things it desires other countries respect. Unless it's not following that law itself.

    Cool story bro.

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