back to article Seoul adopts AI for suicide prevention on Han Bridge: Uni boffins train machine learning model on rescue teams' data

South Korea's capital and largest metropolis has turned to AI for suicide detection and prevention on popular bridges along the prominent Han River, according to the system's developers at the Seoul Institute of Technology (SIT). There are 27 bridges that cross the Han River, also known as the Hangang river, in the Seoul …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    URL really got my hopes up


    Not quite what the article says

  2. Korev Silver badge

    Unfortunately, only counting suicide attempts from Seoul bridges, researchers said there are an average of 486 people trying to end their lives in the Han's waters every year, translating to a large amount of required rescue resources.

    You make it sound like people going through the worst anguish possible is only a bad thing because it requires rescuers

    1. JudeK (Written by Reg staff)

      The idea is that a more efficient spread of resources and better understanding of the behaviours would mean being able to save more lives. Efficiencies in rescues would mean more rescuers freed up to get to the others in time.

    2. Danny 2


      Bridge jumping is not a good way to kill yourself because your 'rescuers' have to clean up your mess. That's a family and friends job at best, don't inflict it on strangers. I'm old and have considered suicide twice, and now have chosen methods that involve little trauma to others. I'm not rushing.

      I saw something just now I've never seen before. There are huge long silken spider threads across the trees in front of me, only visible in the sun. And as the breeze moves the blinding solar dots move up and down the threads and sometimes the entire thread shines as brightly. It's so beautiful I'm glad I lived to this grand old age to witness it. It's prettier than the nicest photograph that Microsoft force onto your PC startup. I know, I know, they are devices engineered by spiders to trap and eat flies, but I'd rather be a spider than a fly.

      As to preventing bridge suicides, there was a life saved recently when an adorable police rescue dog, Digby, was loosed upon the victim, who stepped off the ledge to cuddle it. We can't just release puppies and kittens onto bridges though because they tend to jump over too. This should only be attempted by trained police dogs.

      1. Cliffwilliams44 Silver badge

        Re: @Korev

        Marijuana! It is the perfect answer!

        Suicide Prevention (SP): Hello Suicide Prevention. How can I help you!

        Jumper(J): I'm going to jump off this bridge.

        SP: Can I just come out there and have a chat before you jump?

        J: I guess so.

        (SP rep drives out to the bridge)

        SP: Hey before you end it all, how about we share this joint!?

        J: Ok. I guess that will be OK.

        (the two share the joint)

        SP: Hey you hungry? Want to go get something to eat?

        J: Sure lets go!

        One more life saved!

  3. jmch Silver badge

    Suicide rate

    "Korea has the highest suicide rate of any country in the OECD at 23 per 100,000 people"

    Apropos of nothing, I seem to remember an article on El Reg that S. Korea was reducing working hours from 80 to 68 /week

  4. Draco

    The 27 Bridges of the Han River problem ...

    seems to be a 21st century update of the 18th century The Seven Bridges of Königsberg puzzle.

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