back to article System76 releases Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS 21.04 with auto-tiling COSMIC desktop

System76 has released Pop!_OS 21.04, based on Ubuntu 21.04 but with a distinctive desktop called COSMIC. Pop!_OS describes itself as "an operating system for STEM and creative professionals." It uses the GNOME desktop but customised as COSMIC – which supposedly stands for Computer Operating System Main Interface Components, …

  1. cookieMonster


    Long time Mint user here, and moved to PopOS last week, upgraded today to the new shiney.

    It’s different, and a slightly jarring change from Mint, but it’s kinda nice.

    I was nudged to try this by a comment from one of our commentards last week on a thread I can’t remember, but was “an OS should be in the background”..... kinda statement.

    It struck a chord, I was familiar with the Pop OS minimal approach, so installed it.

    Keyboard navigation, f$&@ all eye candy/ distractions and pretty snappy on an old X220.

    I might actually like this

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Re: Hmmmmmm

      I feel like Pop_os! is Ubuntu done properly, without those stupid snaps that work so poorly.

      When I need a new laptop I will probably buy one from them too.

      1. sad_loser

        Re: Hmmmmmm

        I bought laptop and desktop together and have not looked back.

        It just works and made setting up ML with GPU tensor flow a 3 line job.

        Good stable kit with proper support - what’s not to like?

    2. ICL1900-G3 Bronze badge

      Re: Hmmmmmm

      Me, too. Replaced Mint on my X1 Carbon, it seems very fast and the battery life is a bit better. Turned tiling off eventually, just couldn't get on with it. I still love Mint and have it on my desktop.

    3. atticusedwards

      Re: Hmmmmmm

      Oh no, I don't like this.

  2. batfastad


    Been using XFCE for years. Will probably continue using XFCE for years. It has a task bar, a "start menu" and a normal usable desktop area. Throw in xbindkeys and my collection of shortcut scripts, there is nothing else I need.

    Thankfully there are all those other desktops to keep UI/UX people distracted in 5 year circles of pointless improvement and career-driven-development... stay away from XFCE.

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