back to article Record-breaking Kuwaiti heatwave triggers inadvisable TikTok expletive outburst

A man has been arrested in Kuwait for allegedly insulting the weather on social media app TikTok. The offending video depicted the man driving through a sandstorm in the Gulf state while laughing sarcastically and swearing about the heat and dust. The clip was posted to TikTok and later shared widely there and on Twitter, to …

  1. b0llchit Silver badge

    Thou shalt not...

    Well then,

    Thou shalt not anthropomorphize the weather, he does not like it. Especially, the Kuwaiti weather shall not be anthropomorphized; he will be coming after you with all the naturally available powers. Also, he will exhibit bad behavior, such as heatwaves, storms and too many extremes. Now, be a good chap and talk nice about your weathery overlord.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Thou shalt not...

      The Kuwaiti weather is an abomination unto Nuggan.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thin skinned and CYA prone

    A few Gulf countries are of a similar bent. In one country where I was working, there was a weather system moved in from the west. It was forecast, but it was nastier than expected and caused some damage at the airport. The met forecaster on duty was given 24 hours to pack his things, and asked if he wanted an aisle or window seat on his one-way ticket.

    Trying to explain to a politically appointed son-of-the-desert that the weather has a mind of its own didn't cut much mustard (or hommus) and all forcasters were put on notice that unforeseen weather events were not to be tolerated. Hence, every possible weather event after this was over hyped to the max 'just in case'.

    This was in the '80s. It seems nothing's changed. (AC as I still have friends there.)

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Thin skinned and CYA prone

      "(AC as I still have friends there.)"

      Considering the reported temperatures, isn't AC mandatory?

  3. Blofeld's Cat


    I gather that cursing Thor (or Zeus) for soaking you during a thunderstorm can also attract serious charges ...

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Zap!

      ...and if you curse Loki, your shoelaces tie themselves together.

  4. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    To make Kuwait feel better...

    ...we could send them this

    Sadly, it appears he died last May.

    RIP, hopefully somewhere over the rainbow.


    Change what we can change

    We may not be able to do anything about the weather, but we can do something about the questionable government of Kuwait.

    1. FILE_ID.DIZ

      Re: Change what we can change

      Saddam Hussein tried to about 30 years ago.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Change what we can change

        I'm not sure "trying to make it worse" was what the OP had in mind.

        1. Fr. Ted Crilly Silver badge

          Re: Change what we can change

          'Trying to make it worse'!..How could it be worse?

  6. EricB123 Bronze badge

    Glad I Didn't Pick Kuwait to Move To

    As an American expat myself, I always try to consider myself as a guest in my new country. I don't post anything that could be perceived as abrasive or disrespectful.

    But to deport someone for complaining about a huge heat wave? Wow, and I was so very close to picking Kuwait as my new country! Close call there!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But to deport someone for complaining about a huge heat wave?

      well, it does send the 'wrong kind of message' that Kuwait and others try to project to lure people other than the slaves from India and the Philippines: play a good, old-style bwana all day, golden beaches, fabulous snorkelling, ultra-modern, Lamborghini buses, fully air-conned cities, and you earn a fortune while doing all that. Sandstorms?! That's in, like, those far-away, backward, dangerous places, Iraq, Iran and such...

  7. tip pc Silver badge

    Why are they getting all the heat?

    12c last night here in Blighty a high of 18c during the day, last year it was stifling with temps in the early 30s.

    The North America is also buckling under heatwaves too yet here we are freezing our butts off.

    Yes I reach for the warm jacket when heading out.

    1. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

      Re: Why are they getting all the heat?

      Be careful what you wish for...

    2. Zack Mollusc

      Re: Why are they getting all the heat?

      You nesh bugger. I put the aircon on when it gets above 17 degrees C.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No women, not even top-of-the-line engineers

    So one of their very large electrical generators failed, and a friend was to be sent to inspect, root-cause, and repair it.

    A woman? Nope. No can do. Despite the fact she designed the turbine and helped oversee the blade design.

    Things sat there until their need for electricity and stopping the financial bleeding from the downtime overcame their religious prejudice and intolerance.

    1. BrownishMonstr

      Re: No women, not even top-of-the-line engineers

      I don't think Islam strictly forbids women from working, however I do believe Kuwaitis' sexual repression may play a part in it.

    2. Sceptic Tank Silver badge

      Re: No women, not even top-of-the-line engineers

      Designed the turbine and helped to design the blades? And it failed? Hm.... I would possibly also ask for a second opinion.

  9. Rich 2 Silver badge


    We (collectively) complain about this country a lot but it’s stories like this that really make me feel lucky to live where I do.

    Some countries really are home to complete loonies, or living in the Stone Age.- maybe they need a cold snap to cool down their heads

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nuts

      As a child, I lived in a nearby country at the top of the Gulf. It was not just the (45°) temperature. It was the humidity!

      I assume it has got hotter there but after we left (01/01/1979) it has not been in good communications with the rest of us!

  10. Sherrie Ludwig

    Getting deported sounds like a bonus to me!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other content creators later uploaded their own clips

    Have they been arrested yet? Dissent should be squashed IMMEDIATELY to send proper message, otherwise little people will start getting dangerous ideas into their little heads. Look at Russia yesterday: the whole Nation enjoyed a 4hr long, entirely spontaneous, yearly QA session with their glorious President and then, one, just ONE little scumbag, a parasite no less, dared to offend the President and the Nation by demonstrating his insane, offensive board IN PUBLIC. Fortunately, due to the sharp-eyed monitoring system, he was IMMEDIATELY arrested and removed. World, watch, learn and imitate!

  12. Cheshire Cat

    Meanwhile in the UK

    Good thing they haven't made complaining about the weather illegal in the UK. There would be nobody left outside the jails to lock the doors.

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