back to article Backblaze, long a champion of home-grown hardware, succumbs to the lure of commodity servers

Cloud storage outfit Backblaze, which for years has rolled its own hardware, has turned to Dell for its storage needs in a new Amsterdam bit barn. As detailed in a blog post, in 2019 Backblaze started contemplating the design of a new “Storage Pod”, the homegrown storage arrays it uses to power its services. The company has …

  1. John Robson Silver badge

    Fair enough

    "“So, no, we don’t think Storage Pods are dead,” he concluded. “They’ll just have a diverse group of storage server friends to work with.”"

    That's a reasonable position to take...

  2. jamesb2147

    Misleading title

    More like another victim of COVID. Backblaze is having trouble sourcing components so found a pre-built that meets the needs.

    It's the same reason my new videocard came with an Alienware chassis, CPU, PSU, etc. I couldn't get a card on its own at anything remotely resembling a reasonable price... so I bought a pre-built that included one.

    Exacerbating all of this is that Chia farming has recently driven disk prices to levels resembling GPU pricing; integer multiples of MSRP.

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