back to article Indian mega-corp Tata unveils surprise 5G networking business

Indian mega-conglomerate the Tata Group has revealed it’s created a 5G networking kit business. The company on Monday announced it has built an “O-RAN-based Radio & NSA/SA Core and has integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack”. Indian mobile carrier Airtel, which boasts over 340 million subscribers, will make Tata’s …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge

    Well as Modi...

    ... has promised to Make India Great Again, its hardly surprising the first sale was to India.

    Rest of the world may be a harder nut to crack, but fair play to them. If it was the UK, we'd have flogged it off by now.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Well as Modi...

      If their UK prices are lime what a phone SIM cost me in India a couple of years back, they'll be on a winner. I was getting a gig and a half a day and unlimited calls and texts for about 4 quid for 30 days. Eat my shorts Vodafone

      1. Nifty Silver badge

        Re: Well as Modi...

        India's planning to export its wage levels to the UK next.

      2. First Light

        Re: Well as Modi...

        Current Airtel plan: 698 rupees for 84 days, 2 gigs a day. That's £7! Then add 50 gigs extra for the life of the plan for £3.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    So, 5G stacks are like buses

    You wait years for a new one to arrive, and suddenly 3 show up at the same time.

    A "surprise 5G networking business". I think that's quite a feat of secrecy. An entire business line ready to go and nobody heard about it before now ?


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So, 5G stacks are like buses

      Not that much of a surprise given that TATA's consultancy and outsourcing business TCS is embedded throughout Ericsson and Nokia.

      1. pdebarra

        Re: So, 5G stacks are like buses

        Ah. This must be why Nokia and Ericsson phones are the hottest property in - oh, wait.

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