back to article Price of Microsoft's Surface Duo plummets to better represent middling hardware ... but only if you're in the US

Microsoft's latest foray into the world of mobile phones is going so well that its US store has lopped an eye-watering $800 off the price of the fancy Surface Duo. On the eve of the company's big Windows conference, the foldable Android device can be had for $649 for the 128GB version or $699 for 256GB. If we were in the …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    MS Band Again

    We saw it with band. First release misconceived. Second release nearly there. Third release looks good on paper, but never appears.

    Similar with phones, just took them longer to get it right before abandoning.

  2. J27

    Honestly, it should have launched at this price. Microsoft has let the opportunity to launch themselves into the phone space with this device fall by the wayside. Anyone who was interested in one has already discounted it as an option. They may manage to move the rest of the inventory, but they've lost the chance of having a big hit.

    Microsoft should consider building a "flagship-killer" type phone. One with most of the specs of the best for a really killer price (break-even instead of profitable) to break into the market.

    1. Pete B

      Fool me once

      I really used to like Winphone, and put up with them dropping support for a few times, but when they dropped it last I'm afraid I wouldn't touch anything phone related from MS with a bargepole now - chances are they'll abandon it shortly after you buy one.

      1. Joe W Silver badge

        Re: Fool me once

        Same here. The last proper windows phone was pretty good. App support was middling at best, though that was not that big a problem for me. It was pretty snappy also on sub par hardware, and pretty simple to use.

        I miss it.

        And that comes from a hardcore long term Linux user...

      2. J27

        Re: Fool me once

        Me neither, but how many people actually bought Windows Phones? I mean, I did, you did and 3 other people. I even wrote some apps for Windows Phone... that were very hard to sell.

        1. WolfFan Silver badge

          Re: Fool me once

          Higher-higher at the company really liked WinPhones. We were standardized on them… and then new versions of the OS were incompatible with the old, and we had to rewrite all our custom software. And then MS did it again. And again. And higher-higher had us rewrite everything, this time to work with Android and iOS, as MS was clearly not serious. We are now a majority iOS company, most of the Android users have moved to iOS and very few of the iOS users have gone the other way. The last of the WinPhones was retired years ago. And it’s all MS’s fault, they had us locked in, and threw it away.

          1. 0laf

            Re: Fool me once

            I had one, I'm not a big app user so it's main functionality as a phone was good and price was good. Then it got dropped, or first MS attempted to ruin it with a W10 update which luckily I never applied.

            At work we bought thousands of them as they could be centrally managed. Then MS dropped support and that probably cost us a couple of 100k to replace with android devices earlier than we would otherwise have.

            So yeah, I'm not buying into anything that MS could easily dump.

      3. Terry 6 Silver badge

        Re: Fool me once

        Exactly that. I was much happier with a Winphone than I am with various subsequent Androids I've tried/bought.

        But I wouldn't buy another Microsoft phone if I was stranded on a desert island.

  3. 101 Not Found

    Snot fair

    I suspect M$’s response will be something along the lines of: you’re British right? so get used to it. When has tech priced in dollars ever translated to a fair, even comparable, UK price. It must be my age, or foolish questions; take your pick.

  4. krakead

    I was a big fan of Windows Phone but now I wouldn't touch a phone from Microsoft with someone else's barge pole. Launch price of the Duo was laughable, even now it's way too much for an admittedly interesting gimmick of a design running on mediocre hardware.

    After flirting on and off with Android, I'm going to stick with iOS - at least I can expect decent long term support if nothing else.

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