back to article The Linux Foundation dives into machine learning with Open Voice Network, dataset licence launches

The Linux Foundation has announced two projects with which it aims to help settle the choppy waters of machine learning: the Open Voice Network (OVN), and the CDLA-Permissive-2.0 licence for machine learning datasets. "Voice is expected to be a primary interface to the digital world, connecting users to billions of sites, …

  1. HildyJ Silver badge

    Good step - but

    I applaud the licenses but I wonder about the standards.

    One of the biggest problems of language training datasets, beyond the languages in the dataset, is lack of dialects. They all tend towards 'proper' (i.e. newsreader) dialect. Southern and Northern English are not the same on either side of the pond any more than American and British English.

    Some way of classifying dialects needs to be built into the standards. And, I would hope, some sense of diversity in the dialects should be deemed a community goal.

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