back to article SFX house Weta goes into the SaaS business with cloudy pipeline and its in-house animation tools

Famed special effects house Weta Digital will offer the tools it uses to make movies as a cloud service. Due to debut in Q4 2021 as a private beta, the WetaM service will use the same animation tools that Weta uses for its clients. The company says the service will offer “one complete — from stage to screen — cloud-based …

  1. Dave 126

    Back in 2001 a man was walking down a London street when he became aware of another man. For a moment he felt apprehensive of being mugged. The moment passed, and he safely reached his destination: Peter Jackson's London editing suite. In his pocket, on an iPod, he had couriering the latest 5GB of Lord of the Rings footage sent over the internet from New Zealand to a London office with fibre broadband - a mile from Jackson's address.

    Today many movies and TV shows will list several VFX houses in their credits.

    1. W.S.Gosset

      Now, if he'd been a Policeman...

      ...that would have been a wonderful example of interim highspeed broadband hardware architecture.

      FTTN/FTTC + copper Last Mile.

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