back to article Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9: Half desk, half exercise bike, and you're all sweaty. How much does it cost again?

Tech journalists don't exactly file copy from the front lines, testing software while dodging AK-47 fire. The major risk to our health - like millions of office workers - comes from dozens of Mars Bars or other snacks eaten while tapping away on the keyboard at home. Billed as a fix for this sedentary lifestyle comes the …

  1. TWB

    What - no generator?

    Why not generate some power while you pedal and charge a UPS battery rather then just generate heat to waste?

    (yeah, I know cost.....)

    1. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: What - no generator?

      Given that a reasonably fit person (which you would be after not too long) can generate 100W for an extended period...

      It's not a completely daft idea.

      The real problem is that this isn't a recumbent design, which would be superior is basically every respect...

      1. PRR

        Re: What - no generator?

        > Re: What - no generator? They could at least use this to get rid of the two AA batteries it uses.

        As it happens, due in part to my IT career, this year I spent time on a $$$$ Physical Therapy cycle machine which tapped the patient's output to run the display. That is, if the patient made at least 25 Watts.

        > a reasonably fit person .....can generate 100W for an extended period...

        Yes, many years ago, before my IT career, I could produce 150 Watts for an extended period. I was unusually fit for a few years, about the time of ALGOL-68.

        Then I got a desk-job.

        > the grinding noises may be coming from your little-used knee...joints.

        My right knee feels like gravel. I have other desk-job ailments. My output on the cycle machine was not even 17 Watts at first. I was very depressed. After several weeks, I did make 25 Watts in bursts (so the machine display ran on me-power for a couple of minutes).

        1. big_D Silver badge

          Re: What - no generator?

          I've just received hyaluronic acid injections into the knee, which replaces the fluid in the knee, which has been lost over the years (I also had "gravelly" knees).

          It was painful during the injection and the first day or so swelled up, but it makes a big difference in the long run.

      2. big_D Silver badge

        Re: What - no generator?

        It also looks like a 1970s/80s exercise bike (a house down the street put one on the pavement for refuse collection last week, it looked almost identical in form).

    2. MatthewHughes

      Re: What - no generator?

      I believe you're grossly overestimating my physical fitness.

    3. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge

      Re: What - no generator?

      The whole product looks like a solution in search of a problem.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What - no generator?

      They could at least use this to get rid of the two AA batteries it uses.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other unanswered questions:

    Does it need an app, without which (and you agreeing to share your data with the world) it will refuse to function? Does it insist on being connected to your home network? I hate that I have to ask these questions, but here we are.

    (Also: how noisy is it? Are there terrible grinding noises when using it?)

    1. Flip

      Re: Other unanswered questions:

      If you're not careful, the grinding noises may be coming from your little-used knees and other joints.

    2. MatthewHughes

      Re: Other unanswered questions:

      No app. And not particularly noisy! At low resistances you just hear a nice wooshing.

      1. Steve K Silver badge

        Re: Other unanswered questions:

        That could be the sound of the deadlines going past though

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Other unanswered questions:

        Thanks for the quick reply! Fairly quiet and no forced data-harvesting makes this look a little tempting!

  3. G R Goslin

    What's all the fuss?

    I spent about forty years of my working life as a draughtsman, and there is absolutely no way that you can sit, working on an A0 drawing board. So, apart from the time working out dimensions (longhand), and the one teabreak allowed per day, you stood at the thing. And if one thing is glaringly obvious, in a drawing office, a draughtsman NOT standing facing the board, pencil in hand, is not working. Until CAD came into the office, and you could sit and glare into a small screen that only showed you a very minor part of what was, in reality, a full size A0 display. The nation's gone to the dogs, I tell 'ee.

    Just out of curiosity, how the hell do you type into a laptop, while pedalling at a rate that willl give you meaningful exercise? I can see a short life for the backspace/ delete buttons.

    1. MatthewHughes

      Re: What's all the fuss?

      You'd be surprised. The surface is fairly stable, even if you're going at a fast speed, and it can raise high enough so your knees aren't constantly banging against it. And I wrote this article on the bike itself, so it's certainly doable.

  4. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Had one for ages.

    It involves a piece of plywood with a couple of holes to fit on the handlebars of my exercise bike and some clicky straps to hold things down.

    Brilliant for web browsing or reading stuff. Am thinking about getting an e-iink screen and fitting a friction dynamo to run a pizero setup.

    And get a gel tractor saddle - your nether regions really dont need to be brutalised to exercise.

    1. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: Had one for ages.

      And get a gel tractor saddle - your nether regions really dont need to be brutalised to exercise.

      Except that if you have a very soft saddle then the pressure gets applied to places it shouldn't rather than your sit bones taking your weight and not more sensitive areas.

      Of course if you really want comfort then don't bother with a saddle, go recumbent.

  5. Zenubi


    That first picture is terrifying - what sort of person organises their books chromatically?

    1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

      Re: Terrifying (safe for work)

      1. Zenubi

        Re: Terrifying


        Thank you

      2. Nifty Silver badge

        Re: Terrifying

        Real LOL thanks

      3. Tom 7 Silver badge

        Re: Terrifying

        As a geek as a child getting books from the library was a fucking pain. "I'd like a book on maths please" "Author?" "Thousands of the fuckers"

  6. IGotOut Silver badge

    Unanswered questions.

    Is it OK to hang wet laundry on?

    How many days can you go without dusting it before it gets too much?

    Is it scratch proof so you can lob keys onto it from 10m?

    Is it suitable for putting hot hair straighteners on?

    What's its resale value after 5 years of not being used?

    These are the real questions that need answering.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wut the Hell !!!

    Is there no filter on 'mad or bad' ideas anymore ?

    This 'thing' is not a solution to any known problem.

    This 'thing' is a Salvador Dali sketch made real, minus the melting edges :)

    God help us all !!!

  8. DS999 Silver badge

    Combining two things rarely is ideal for either

    It would be better to invent a "cat tree" like device (i.e. with extensible pole that touches both floor and ceiling and a shelf or two) that sits in front of your bike and lets you adjust the shelf the laptop/keyboard is on to be exactly where you need. Then it would work for ANY exercise bike, or ANY treadmill. And could work as a standing desk.

    The main problem would be keeping the cat off it.

  9. Andrew Scaife


    "In our view, it's only a workable alternative to a treadmill desk if you have limited computing needs."

    Perfect for all manglers! Especially with a generator, but send the output to the company/entity supply so said entity gets something constructive out of them. No meetings to be chaired unless from the pedalling seat...

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