back to article The great fire sale continues as Capita sells government joint venture Axelos for £380m

Its work with the UK government has once again proven a boon to troubled outsourcer Capita. The business said today it would sell Axelos – the joint venture set up with the Cabinet Office in 2013 – to assessment and certification outfit PeopleCert for £380m. The sale of Capita's 51 per cent stake in the JV should mean it can …

  1. getHandle

    Keep going!

    I know a number of people who wish they'd sell their NHS pensions department to someone competent...

  2. steelpillow Silver badge


    Good grief, is that still alive? Somebody draw back the curtains - and get me a new keyboard.

    But seriously, I hope that HMG do trouser their £172.5m and Crapita haven't been clever with the small print again.

    1. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: PRINCE2

      Unfortunately I've seen a few companies who still expect managers to have it, some of those were/are in the NHS.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe I am just getting old and cranky, but

    "by disposing of a non-core business, while the proceeds will help strengthen Capita's balance sheet"

    to me just means they are dumping parts of the business that don't bring in increasing profits year on year so the PHBs can buy another Bentley.

  4. PeterM42


    ..... I suspect those Crapita employees will be pleased at being TUPE'd.

    Bye Bye, sinkung ship.

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