back to article Emergency mode? Bah! It takes a Microsoft product to really break a digital sign

It's a return to familiar ground for the bork desk today as that most common of Windows occurrences turns up in a UK transport hub: a screen of bluest death. Windows BSOD Snapped at London's Euston station by Reg reader Jed, it appears that atikmpag.sys was misbehaving once again. The code in question is related to the …

  1. Just A Quick Comment

    Interesting choice of words

    So Microsoft prefers "bugcheck" to 'death'-type words/descriptions. That's playing loose with the English language - something MS are very good at - but I prefer 'crashed' or 'knackered' as a description. They're not offensive words and are more descriptive of the problem compared to "bugcheck" which is another MS non-word.

    I'm sure others can come up with other synonyms...

    1. TimMaher Silver badge

      Temporary Interruption To Service UPtime.

      Any good?

    2. John McCallum

      Re: Interesting choice of words

      I prefer shit the bed, who here agrees with me?

    3. Swarthy Silver badge

      Re: Interesting choice of words

      Bugcheck may be a MS non-word, but I think it's an acronym:

      Blue Ugly Gremlin, Crapped-out Hapless Electronic Computer - Knackered

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "bugcheck" was the preferred term

    That's like Google who is still fighting against the term "google this".

    Sorry, as far as the user is concerned, it's a BSOD, not a bugcheck. When that blue screen shows up, the PC is effectively dead and anything you were doing is lost.

    So, Blue Screen of Death is the appropriate term.

    Sorry Dave. With all due respect, you're wrong on this one.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: "bugcheck" was the preferred term

      Blue screen of unhappiness?

  3. heyrick Silver badge


    Not something inane and stupid like "bugcheck", fucked. Just like that Very Important Document that you were just about to save. It's gone. All gone.

    Icon, because that's how you'll be feeling whilst suddenly staring at the equally stupid unhappy face.

    1. Piro Silver badge

      Re: Fucked.

      Faulty, Useless Computer Knackered, Eliminated Data

    2. fidodogbreath Silver badge
  4. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

    Windows is leaking something other than memory.

    Given that it's Euston station, its probably impatience, caused by a combination of station\travellers beverage consumption coupled with the inverse ratio of the needing to pee urgently with the proximity to the specific public facilities required to do so.

    1. Anonymous Kiwi

      Re: Windows is leaking something other than memory.

      I was shocked when I found out you have to pay to use public toilets overseas, I've never had that at home.

      Nobody has coins these days.

      Although, now that the UK is in lockdown now it doesn't matter that much, because just as few people are using trains.

  5. Anonymous Kiwi

    Euston, we have a problem.

  6. Xalran

    Flying Rats

    At a guess the streaks are from flying rats ( aka pigeons)...

    They are everywhere and just love to defecate in locations where it will be seen by all the bipeds around once dry. ( cue all the streaks on the back of the screens [ and some in front despite the screen orientation... not mentioning all the other areas... ] at the railway/RER/TGV station I have to walk through when I have no choice but go to the office )

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