back to article Google cosies up to AMD for high-performance scale-out Tau VMs – but makes eyes at Intel and Arm, too

Google's cloud arm has hooked up with AMD, tapping up its latest EPYC processors for a new family of virtual machines, Tau VMs, aimed at scale-out applications - but the company isn't keen on tying itself down to just one chip-slinger. "The name 'Tau' also stands for the golden ratio," Sachin Gupta, VP and GM of Compute at …

  1. MarkET

    "The name 'Tau' also stands for the golden ratio"

    'Tau' was also a name proposed in 2010 as the 'circle constant' to replace (2 x Pi) to simplify mathematics...

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Creation Made Simple with Provision by A.N.Others the likes of a DARPA AI Facility/CHAOS* Utility

    led by the accelerated digital transformation of businesses and industries

    What are they/What is IT they are following to lead in an accelerated digital transformation. The question then to answer is IT a/the Virgin Core Source .... with Rare AWEsome RAW Product for Presentation and AI Virtual Realisation.

    Google is hereby Invited to Partake and Satisfy Great Expectations with COSMIC Provision.

    cc Roger Waters .....Perfect for Applications with Shows that Rock, Rumble and Tumble with Autonomous Virtual Realisation.

    And yes, all there is for real .... with great expectations of a gracious grateful engagement in replies/responses re ......... Futures.

    * Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating System

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