back to article Capita scores half a billion pound outsourcing contract, but refuses to name (or shame?) lucky 'European telco' customer

Capita has signed a customer management contract extension with an un-named “major European telecoms provider” worth up to £528m, it told the London Stock Exchange today. The tech services giant - which recently won a deal to run call centres for Tesco Mobile, helps out with recruitment and training for the UK's Royal Navy, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My money is on Movistar. O2 and Movistar are both under Telefonica so getting a foot in the door would be easy. Movistar also do TV and Mobile.

  2. Paul Herber Silver badge

    <company> deny they have a contract with Capita. <company> shares double in value overnight.

  3. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge


    Looking through Capita's annual report, there appears to be no mention of regional segmentation of operations.

    1. Paul Herber Silver badge

      Re: Strange...

      el-regional, shirley.

  4. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Should be easy to work out

    > A spokesperson for Capita declined to name the telco customer involved

    ... just wait and see which telco's customer service takes a dive

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Should be easy to work out

      "... just wait and see which telco's customer service takes a dive"

      It's claimed to be an extension to a 20 year "relationship" and no planned job losses, so why would there be a dive in service levels? Sounds like an agreement to carry as normal to me (for some Crapita value of normal)

  5. colin79666

    Mobilcom would be my guess. Right number of staff but most references seem to indicate 2006 as the key year when the current contract started and that is up in 2022 in line with this extension from January 2023.

  6. kevin king

    O2 and Virgin Media have just merged operations under the Liberty Global brand owners of (UPC, Telnet etc )

  7. W.S.Gosset

    > Now why on Earth would you be shy about your £528m relationship?

    Because they can't quite believe it themselves?

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