back to article Xilinx snaps up 'accelerated computing' specialist Silexica for its SLX FPGA tool suite

AMD-owned FPGA specialist Xilinx has announced the acquisition of Silexica, a 2014-era academic spinout founded on a promise to "democratise accelerated computing" – primarily through its SLX FPGA tool suite. "Software programmability is imperative to our long-term goal to accelerate the path from software to application- …

  1. Rich 2

    Xilinx vs Altera

    “AMD hoping to grow its $38bn Xilinx acquisition as it seeks to compete with Intel's Altera”

    I’m not an fpga person but from what I have heard from those that are, Xilinx can be pretty annoying sometimes. But Altera, especially since the Intel takeover, is much worse :)

    1. Folda

      Re: Xilinx vs Altera

      With 50% of the market, Xilinx isn't seeking to compete with Altera. It's Altera that's looking to compete with Xilinx.

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