back to article Apple, it's OK. Seriously. You don't need to blind your iOS 15 engineers to prevent leaks

During the development of iOS 15, Apple reportedly limited the extent to which engineers could see features being worked on by other colleagues to prevent potential leaks. As spotted by 9to5Mac, each new feature introduced with the beta version of iOS 15 is accompanied with a unique flag associated with a "disclosure …

  1. Headley_Grange Silver badge

    I Look Forward..... a bug-ridden iOS 15 as a result of the left hand not knowing what the right hand has tested.

    1. Andy Non Silver badge

      Re: I Look Forward.....

      Exactly. One new feature having a knock on effect on another new feature that neither team could foresee as they were oblivious to the interaction.

    2. ThomH Silver badge

      Re: I Look Forward.....

      Agreed; especially if the widely-repeated claim that Apple primarily relies upon human testing is also true, this is not a recipe for success.

      I guess I'll let everybody else kick the tyres for a week or two or more before upgrading.

  2. Youngone


    Wow, the Worldwide Loyalty Team might be the most dystopian thing I have read about today.

    Still, the day is young.

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Re: Staatssicherheitsdienst

      ... though it also sounds like an awesome idea for a cartoon.

      Act one: villains invade only a small area of the globe.

      Act two: everyone's like "Oh, that's just Ted's zone, who cares about Ted anyway?"

      Act three: everyone remembers that they value and respect Ted, and turn up to help him save the day.

      Worldwide Loyalty Team, Ho! Go go Worldwide Loyalty Team! This is Nancy from Worldwide Loyalty Team, if you guys don't stop messing around then your time is going to run out!

    2. HildyJ Silver badge

      Re: Staatssicherheitsdienst

      Wait for the Worldwide Loyalty Team to decide that not only do employees have to work on campus, they have to live on campus.

      Let's hope they don't get their hands on any Novichok from Putin's WLT FSB.

  3. DS999 Silver badge

    No, the metadata did not confirm an "M1X"

    That metadata is automatically added by Youtube when you upload a video by tagging related terms that comes from Google's search engine. It added "M1X" because of the speculation about the bigger SoC that will be used in upcoming Macs rumors say will be announced soon.

    1. chuBb. Silver badge

      Re: No, the metadata did not confirm an "M1X"

      Christ apple does read el reg!

  4. Foxglove

    Apple is also believed to have an internal secret police force


    In the dark and distant past I worked for The Post Office and BT (or British Telecommunications part of the Post Office) as it was temporarily known.

    They had internal police and if you were suspected you were guilty. No reproach, no appeal, just sacked.

    I did nothing wrong and was never investigated.

    But I know of good people who were investigated and wrongly relieved of their job.

    Yes that was the 80's and employment law was different.

    Strangely I met up with an Post Office 'investigator' later in life, despite having an MBE he is exactly what I remember and despise of the people of that time.

    1. sabroni Silver badge

      Re: Apple is also believed to have an internal secret police force

      Cool story bro!

  5. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge


    I I initially read the headline as "bind", and wondered if we were finally into Laundry Files/Harry Dresden territory at Apple. It's not that unlikely - has anyone ever met an *EX*-Apple engineer?

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "a thick shroud of secrecy"

    More like a thick shroud of paranoia.

    Apple operates in its own world, and thank $Deity that there are employment tribunals to set it straight every now and then, because otherwise it would forget that there is actually a Real World (TM) out there.

    Except for Marketing. They know.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good $Deity, no-one has said Apple Fanbois so far!

  8. YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

    If I worked at Apple, I would quit. No way in Hell I would develop sortware that way - that is insulting.

    1. yetanotheraoc

      It's all about control

      Control freaks gotta control. Walled garden? Control. No right to repair? Control. ARM architecture? Control. Worldwide Disloyalty Police? Control.

      At the moment they have my business because at the moment they have better customer privacy than the alternative, and I value privacy very highly. But you are right, I wouldn't want to work there either.

    2. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      Ah but ... If you worked at Apple, you wouldn't know they worked that way, so you wouldn't quit.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing Unique

    This isn’t something unique to Apple or IT. I’ve worked for many companies where secrecy and confidentiality was essential to business success, where millions of $$ rested on competitors not knowing certain details. Conversely, other areas of the same companies were keen to share ideas as they allowed far more resources to be pooled to make the whole industry better (mainly in safety and environmental areas - though not exclusively as a lot of efficiency ideas were openly shared as well).

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