back to article Oracle accused of eating software maker's lunch with hostile hiring, trade secret theft

CentralSquare Technologies, a Florida-based maker of software for public safety officials, sued Oracle on Tuesday claiming that the database giant has been poaching key employees in an effort to build its business selling software to law enforcement and justice organizations. The complaint [PDF], filed in US District Court in …

  1. YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

    Oracle suprise

    I mean really, does this article suprise anyone?

    1. FuzzyTheBear

      Re: Oracle suprise

      Shouldn't .. ever heard of Oracle being fair ?

      I'll grab my coat .. nothing to see here ..

    2. TVU

      Re: Oracle suprise

      "I mean really, does this article surprise anyone?"

      What surprises me even more is that people would voluntary go to Oracle without first checking its employment rights record.

  2. oiseau Silver badge

    ... suprise anyone?

    Hmmm ...

    We're talking Oracle, right?

    Then no, it does not.

    Or at least, it shouldn't.


  3. chasil

    Equal blame.

    To be fair, Oracle is no more at fault here than Adobe Systems, Apple, Google, Intel Corporation, Intuit, Lucasfilm, and Pixar.

    They all illegally colluded in non-poach agreements, as the parent article documents.

    I'd rather live in a world where Oracle is allowed to do this, but abide by legal non-compete agreements (which I myself despise).

  4. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

    Non Compete Agreements

    Depending on the state, a non-compete agreement basically means you cannot take the previous employer's files, documents, etc. with you to a new job. The knowledge in your brain goes. In other states, there may be an enforceable break between jobs if the non-compete applies. Courts have generally, when they have ruled, frowned on the enforceable breaks between jobs but its not universal and sometimes is dependent on the type of position. As far as FL law, I have idea what the details of a what a valid non-compete agreement is.

    I suspect the poaching by Oracle is legal even if it might be ethically dubious.

  5. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    At the point where the VP got hired, they should have been ready

    .. by upping salaries and loyalty bonuses across the board.

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