back to article South Korea to build an exascale supercomputer running local CPUs by 2030

South Korea today announced a National Ultra High Performance Computing Innovation Strategy that aims to have the company build an exascale supercomputer by 2030, using plenty of home-grown parts. The nation’s Ministry of Science and ICT noted that South Korea’s gruntiest super – the 570,020 core “Nurion” at the Korea …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Build a big super computer to create a market for home grown super computers so you can build an industry to make supercomputers for yourself.

    I think this logic is how we ended up with the F35

  2. DS999 Silver badge

    The reasons that SK wants a home grown supercomputer

    Are the exact same reasons why a worldwide market for supercomputers is not likely to exist even if they are successful. When the DoE lets a new contract for a supercomputer, they'll specify it has to come from a US company. China will certainly not buy from SK, nor will Japan. The EU is going to want to keep things within their borders as well.

    So who will be the market for these home grown SK supers, should they succeed?

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