back to article Indian police visit local Twitter HQ after government spokesperson's tweet labelled as 'manipulated'

Police in the Indian capital Delhi have turned up at Twitter's local HQ seeking evidence about a tweet made by a prominent political figure that the micro-blogging service labelled as including "manipulated media". The tweet from Sambit Patra, who holds no elected office but is national spokesperson of the ruling Bharatiya …

  1. ShadowSystems Silver badge

    Ah, the Streisand effect.

    The more/harder you try to bury a thing on the internet, the more fun it will have proving that "Whack A Mole" is a game you'll never win.

  2. oldtaku

    Totally Manipulated

    Twitter is absolutely in the right here. Modi's government are complete lying sacks of shiat, and nearly everything they say is a lie (sometimes the BJP does accidentally tell the truth).

    It's the same gameplan as with every other country run by a populist, racist, incompetent angry toddler. India, the US (last year), Brazil, the Philippines, Russia, Britain (now saved by aggressive vaccination), Belarus, Hungary, plus too many in Africa to list.

    These governments spend more resources on crushing critics and media than fighting COVID-19 because they've already declared that COVID-19 is not a problem and we should all have our unmasked religious festivals where we all french kiss each other because God will protect us.

    Narenda Modi is an aggressively evil, incompetent tyrant, and he's unleashed the full might of his normally useless, ass-kissing sycophants in the Indian government to crush any dissenters so hundreds of thousands of more Indians can die as long as he can cling to power.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Totally Manipulated

      You can add Turkey and Erdoğan to that list of populist arseholes. The only silver lining of the Covid crisis in Turkey is that even many of his previous supporters now distrust him.

    2. Santa from Exeter

      Re: Totally Manipulated

      And which bit of "No evidence indicates Delhi's finest were following an order from India's government, nor is there any sign that Congress initiated the action. " did you fail to read or comprehend in the FA?

      1. oldtaku

        Re: Totally Manipulated

        They don't have to have direct orders.

        As with Trump, the whole point is to have legions of sycophantic goons who will do your bidding as long as you just wink in their general direction, thereby demonstrating what loyal asslickers they are.

        Trump was quite good about never actually explicitly telling anyone to do anything bad. For instance, in his speech before the US capitol invasion he told them 'you need to fight' 'to save the vote' two dozen times, but he never actually told them to go invade the US Capitol and kill people, so later on he could deny all culpability and even call them traitors, throwing them under the bus. When he called the Georgia's Francis Watson to get her to produce fake votes that would let him win, he never actually told her to do it, he just strongly hinted that it would be a good thing if she did it and she should do it. Thankfully, she had a spine.

        Modi is in a stronger position. The police know where their bread is buttered now and will move with crushing force over any legitimate criticism of the regime. Even when Modi himself is hiding in a bunker now, curled up crying and licking his balls out of sight like he does any time there's a crisis.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'd rather the Indian police spent their time cracking down on the scam epidemic. Those SOB's need dealing with.

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