back to article South Korea creates ‘metaverse alliance’ to build an open national VR platform

South Korea has created a “metaverse alliance” of local companies to foster the development of a national virtual and augmented reality platform and sort out the ethics of virtual environments. The alliance will see organisations including carriers, Korea’s indigenous web giant Naver, researchers from the university and …

  1. DarkwavePunk


    I've always like the idea of some kind of "metaverse" standard protocol (we all know how well that goes) for seamless virtual worlds. Ever since playing MUDs in the early 90s the concept of being able to traverse worlds with a single "you" token would be cool.

    For now I'll just have to amuse myself with the idea of a buff World of Warcraft character turning up in Minecraft only to have the world caught in the crossfire of a battle between Elite:Dangerous and Eve Online.

    Anyone seen my dried frog pills?

    1. Roj Blake

      Re: Metaverse

      Eve Online would win, because the ships are far, far bigger and because the players are bigger jerks (and I should know, I was one of them for over a decade)

  2. Kibble 2

    Second Life style perhaps?

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