back to article Samsung shows off rollable and foldable displays, suggests they'll arrive in 2022

Samsung has revealed foldable and rollable displays at the Society for Information Display (SID) annual exhibition. Organic light-emitting diodes are the key to the new devices, because displays built using the tech don't need a backlight. The result is paper-thin and flexible panels. Samsung’s star item was the "S-foldable" …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    ...and places a camera underneath the display

    Thereby enabling previously unprecedented views up the video caller's nostrils.

    Why, the one with the ENT doctor badge on it, of course! -->

    1. MiguelC Silver badge

      Re: ...and places a camera underneath the display

      "underneath" as in "behind", not ""below"....

  2. Apoc13

    I thought the same until watching the video, they mean literally under the display - so traditional place and works through the screen.

    Last shot of that 3 way foldable phones still suggests its a bit thick

    1. _LC_

      deleted by author


  3. trevorde Silver badge

    Meanwhile at Apple...

    Tim Cook: How can we reinvent this and claim it as our own?

    Marketing droid 1: Make it really, really thin!

    Marketing droid 2: Make it in 10 colours!

    Marketing droid 3: Make it with a yuge bezel!

    Tim Cook: Make it so!

    1. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

      Re: Meanwhile at Apple...

      You forgot the patented rounded corners.

    2. Dimmer Silver badge

      Re: Meanwhile at Microsoft


    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Meanwhile at Apple...

      Marketing droid 4: We make an iPhone-sized thing that folds out into an iPad. Third-party software for our tablets is largely already present compared to Android tablet apps.

    4. trevorde Silver badge

      Re: Meanwhile at Apple...

      Tim Cook: And make it really, really expensive!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I wonder how big this will scale. e.g. replace "roll down screen + projector" with, well, "roll down screen"

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Scale

      For large areas projectors are almost always going to be preferable to panels. It's simple maths: either you need lots more pixel (x * n) or bigger ones. Projectors just need stronger light sources.

      However, panels are getting better at being combined together for display purposers.

      1. Mage Silver badge
        Big Brother

        Re: Scale

        I'd prefer a projector with a 3:1 zoom lens. Largest size (72") only for > 2.5:1 aspect ratio high quality cinema content and smallest size for talking head news and maybe old VHS.

        Very few projectors seem to have zoom lens and few are better than 1920 x 1080. They seem to be mostly made for power point. Also single chip DLP have the colour wheel that can fail or cause a rainbow effect if you wiggle your head.

        So I've been not buying a projector for 10 years. I don't want a 65" screen (roll up or not) for most content. Room too small and most is 1.85:1, 16:9 or 4:3. Some is 1.66:1, so a projector, Zoom lens and adjustable side matte on a projection screen is best.

        1. werdsmith Silver badge

          Re: Scale

          Out local cinema has got projectors with lasers in.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Scale

            >... with lasers ...

            I saw those on Shark Tank!

  5. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Tekwars PDAs have arrived

    yeah the acting and plots were naff (what did you expect with Shatner writing?) but some of the gizmos were neat and those rollup PDAs were an impressive idea

    1. Down not across

      Re: Tekwars PDAs have arrived

      Or the "Global" in Earth: Final Conflict.

  6. aje21
    Big Brother

    No thanks to a camera behind the screen

    With a webcam in the bezel you can have a shutter or other way to physically block it - once it is somewhere behind the screen (a) will you know exactly where and (b) how can you block it?

    Phones have a solution to this, even if not elegant, but you could put a small sticker over the selfie cam if needed...

    1. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

      Re: No thanks to a camera behind the screen

      Purveyors of pr0nz will make a plan...

  7. aje21

    Transparent screens?

    Any news on transparent screens yet? Ones that look like a sheet of glass until you have something to show - and you can then either have the image "float" in space or use an LCD to make the background "black" for a more traditional look.

    1. aje21
    2. nintendoeats Silver badge

      Re: Transparent screens?

      I've never understood that for normal usage. Behind my monitor is where the monitor arm, cables and dust go. Why would I want to see that?

      I get that there are applications, but not as a replacement for the traditional home or office display.

      1. DrSunshine0104

        Re: Transparent screens?

        Similarly why I am personally not real fan of 'bezel-less' screens. Why would I want the visual noise of the other side of my office's bookcase right up against the thing I am reading?

        Unless they could make the background black, transparent screens is cranking this to eleven. But, can't wait until Samsung's and Apple's marketing team tells us all this is what is actually popular and everyone falls into lockstep and that is all we'll get.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Transparent screens?

          Bezel-less screens are helpful if you tile multiple displays. For single-display uses, I concur with you.

      2. aje21

        Re: Transparent screens?

        Correct, not as a replacement for a traditional screen, but there are use cases (including HUD for cars where I think there are already some examples - sorry no citation) and the sensible ways of using such tech will come along once we have it. Remember how going from CRTs to LCDs meant there were now ways to do something not possible before...

        1. Getmo

          Re: Transparent screens?

          Creating a HUD on your car's windshield is already elegantly easy. All you need to do is place a standard screen on the dashboard facing up. Try it with your phone.

          The glass is not perfectly transparent, it will always reflect some light like a mirror. As long as the light source is slightly brighter than surrounding environment, you will see the faded, slightly transparent screen image hovering in the middle of your windshield.

          I know some production cars already use this to display speed, and I've even seen one that shows GPS directions (as a red line) as an overlay on the real road. Not sure why it isn't more widely used, perhaps could be seen as a driver distraction, or obfuscates the driver's view of the road.

  8. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

    Sagsmug at it again.

    I'll take a traditional phone any time of the day, one where I know the camera is, and which I can hide/disable if I want to.

  9. Old Used Programmer

    Let's see where this goes...

    I've been wanting roll-up monitors for years. I'd like to see a 19" 1280x1024 that rolled up into a tube, around 1.5" to 2" in diameter.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Let's see where this goes...

      To shove it up who's ass?

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Let's see where this goes...

        The PHB, obv!!

  10. Mike 16


    I first read of flexible displays in 2000 or earlier (based on my memory of where I was working when).

    They were coming "in few years".

    Still are.

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