back to article Italian monopoly watchdog asks Google to cough up a few euros for illegally blocking an Android Auto app

Google was tickled with a €100m fine by Italy’s monopoly watchdog on Thursday for unfairly holding back an Android app maker. The Italian Competition Authority said Google “holds a dominant position” in the industry, given its curated Play Store that comes with Android, and that about three quarters of smartphones in the Euro …

  1. Snake Silver badge

    The truth might always be hidden in the details

    For example, we have introduced templates for navigation, charging, and parking apps, open for any developer to use.

    And when did you introduce those templates, by chance? Before or after you banned JuicePass??

    And I note your template framework makes absolutely no mention of integrating payment systems, no less reservations, which JuicyPass states is one of their benefits.

    Sounds like you're in for a loss in court, Google.

    1. Chris G

      Re: The truth might always be hidden in the details

      "Our number one priority blah blah blah is to make as much money as possible, at any/everyone else's expense (if we can get away with it)"

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Integrating payment systems?

      This auto mode is meant to be light on interactions so that it is safe to use while driving. Maybe they don't want people to enter credit card numbers while driving?

      That said, I'm surprised anybody cares about auto mode or would try to get their apps into it.

      1. Oh Matron!

        Re: Integrating payment systems?

        You've obviously never used an OEM navigation system included with a car.

        God awful, written by people that have both never used a mobile phone and never used a sat nav whilst driving.

        Can you car sat nav understand, "Take me to the nearest chippie?"

        1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

          Re: Integrating payment systems?

          "Can you car sat nav understand, "Take me to the nearest chippie?""


          Well, not quite that easily, since it doesn't have the power of Google Cloud connected to it, just it's own itty bitty CPU and limited offline vocabulary recognition system.



          "Find Category"

          (defaults to near current location, but I can now say "Along Route" or "Near Destination"

          "Fast Food"

          "Fish and chips"

          That search also looks through my extra POI files I've added too. And yes, I did find a POI dedicated to locating Chippies a while ago :-) (along with quite a few other POI files too)

  2. iron Silver badge

    If the Enel X JuicePass app is as safe as its JuiceRoll fast charging system for MotoE than you don't want it.

    Here's what happened when they first tried to use Enel X tech to charge the bikes overnight:

    The Enel X JuiceRoll was to blame and not used again until recently, over 2 years later. Meanwhile the "green" MotoE bikes were charged using Diesel generators.

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    Is Italy as exciting to drive in as it's always been represented as being?

    * tries to remember if the chariot race in "Ben-Hur" takes place in Rome, or elsewhere *

    On this depends the relative importance of in-car equipment distracting the driver's attention.

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