back to article Proposed collective action aims to take Apple to task over its 30% App Store cut on behalf of 20 million Brits

The day ends with "y" so Apple is facing fresh legal scrutiny of its App Store policies. This time the battleground is the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal, where a potential collective action is being launched on behalf of circa 20 million users over claims Apple's 30 per cent "tax" is excessive and unjustified. The claim, …

  1. LDS Silver badge

    "The Register has asked Apple to comment."

    Maybe if you pay Apple 30% of El Reg revenues for each comment they will reply you....

  2. TimMaher Silver badge

    Competition is the answer.

    Software providers should be able to run their own stores.

    This is not a boost for Google, it’s a suggestion that we allow genuine competition.

    Bad guys will certainly trying get in there, so “caveat emptor” or buy from Apple and keep your piece of mind.

    (Not “peace” you will have noticed).

    I say this as a long time fanboi who pays an annual development fee. If we add them all up I guess that would easily cover the $100M cost of running the store.

    So there is no excuse.

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Re: Competition is the answer.

      There is competition already between Apple & Android. Grab your popcorn.

      1. schultzter

        Re: Competition is the answer.

        Only if you're a first time buyer. Once you're in an ecosystem it's prohibitively expensive to get out. It would be impossible for me to switch now and repurchase all the apps and media on my current phone, and my family member's devices, and the ancillary devices we have in the house.

  3. Twilight

    So, it's okay for Google to charge 30% of sales on its app store but not for Apple?

    I'm pretty sure Google also used to disallow third-party payment systems as well but no idea if that changed.

    1. TimMaher Silver badge


      Android developers don’t have to use Google store.

      See my previous comment.

  4. Confuciousmobil


    I buy Apple products. They keep me safe from crap.

    You want to sell your junk, go Android but don’t try and ruin my products.

  5. LybsterRoy Bronze badge

    Whilst I like the idea of the tech megacorps being attacked I dislike these enrich lawyers efforts even more.

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