back to article British bank TSB says it will fix days-long transaction troubles tonight

TSB admitted today it still hadn't fixed a transaction processing issue that has for days held up customers' payments, with users continuing to have issues at the time of publication. We're told the transaction hold-up, which the Edinburgh-based bank said was linked to debit accounts, would be resolved "overnight." It did …

  1. Chris G Silver badge

    It sounds as though they are taking a similar route to the earlier debacle, denying there is a serious problem until everything has fallen apart.

    1. Foxglove

      Upvoted because I think you're right.

      But really, why should they care?

      The last screw up cost them money but that doesn't seem to have been a disincentive.

      Paul Pester walked away with a chunk of cash so why wouldn't the current CEO?

      Maybe they've employed the current CEO under a different contract so he feels some pain for presiding over failure, but I reckon he'll still get a decent wad if he's forced to walk the banking plank.

      People have short memories and seem to accept this. Yes, they bleat on social media but then do nothing. El Reg readers excepted of course.

      1. Korev Silver badge

        That's what the board are banking on...

      2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        "El Reg readers excepted of course"

        Except that there are still El Reg readers who bank at TSB. WTF ?

        TSB is not a joke now, TSB has been a joke for over two years, if not more.

        Anyone with an ounce of sense should have gotten the hell out of there by now. Changing banks is not that difficult.

        On the other hand, in the UK, there is the question of finding a bank that is actually reliable.

        That may be an issue.

  2. MCPicoli

    $1bn contract with IBM

    As I predicted more than one year ago, TSB has now $1bn+ less and the same troubles (with some variation). Of course, NOTHING could go wrong by signing a contract for a company systems maintenance with IBM... Could be any other IT provider, doesn't matter if the company is disfunctional.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: $1bn contract with IBM

      Are you saying 2 dysfunctional companies working together can't make a functional one? :D

  3. Imhotep Silver badge

    The Food Tastes Like Crap And The Portions Are Too Small

    This sort of thing seems to be a regular occurence with TSB.

    Every time ElReg runs an article on the latest outage, I find myself mystified that anyone would still have an account with the bank. Twice would have done it for me.

  4. Juanguanomo


    I bank with the Co-op and I've been having a similar issue, waiting over a week for a refund via the auction site to go through. Normally it's 2-3 days, top.

  5. JWLong Bronze badge

    Bubble gum and Balling wire

    You can only fix stuff with the above titled items untill the entire ship sinks.

    Then add some IT support from India and the next thing you know is the entire fleet has gone down.

    Isn't this bank Spanish owned, from what I understand their pretty good at losing fleets of ships


  6. TRT Silver badge

    I had a zero rate card with them last year. I just cancelled it. They are appalling.

    The app couldn’t vary the direct debit amount.

    The app crashed every single time you selected a manual payment.

    It was near impossible to get through security to set the online banking up.

    The payment to clear the account so I could close it was 1 direct debit sum less than the balance because direct debits take time to stop and if you stop it yourself they can mark it in your credit record as a missed payment even if you owe nothing.

    They didn’t take the direct debit because of the excess payment that month unlike every other bank and their own blurb.

    I had to send a physical letter to them to close the account which I think they’ve done but can’t tell.

    My app has now reverted to wanting security again so I can’t check the outstanding balance.

    They are atrocious. I will be glad to be rid of them.

  7. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "The company should be aware of the negative publicity that outages can generate, with the problems of 2018 having caused the previous CEO to lose his job and cost the bank £200m."

    It needs to cost a bank far more than £200m before lessons get learned.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That cost of £200million, was paid for by their remaining customers.

  8. adam payne

    With the amount of issues there have been with TSB it's a wonder they have any customers left.

  9. ortunk

    is it short for?

    the $hite bank

  10. shawn.grinter

    Computer Say No

    The Bank that likes to say..... 401

  11. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Wot mate? I thought all banks - with the exception of TSB - was solid and reliable in Blightey, it being a bastion of Western civilization. Or have I missed something?

    Maybe Sid Meier need to add a "wibbly wobbly electronic banking services" into his next Civilizations release for added realism.

    Going forward, the Brits can jolly do well to learn from our South African people - if they're unlucky about something, they'll loot, burn and destroy. Not sure if that will get the message across?

  12. Imhotep Silver badge

    The Food Tastes Like Crap And The Portions Are Too Small

    Given that this kind of thing seems to be a regular occurance, why bank with them?

    Each time El Reg runs one of these articles, I'm mystified that anyone still has an account with them.

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