back to article China is upset India excluded Chinese equipment from 5G network trials

China has protested India’s decision to prevent local carriers using made-in-China 5G kit in network trials. India on Tuesday green-lit 5G tests provided local carriers use kit from Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, C-Dot, or Indian conglomerate Reliance Jio. But not Chinese vendors. China’s response quotes Wang Xiaojian, a …

  1. Fazal Majid

    China has made a durable enemy of India

    Indian governments were willing to overlook China's occupation of Indian territory since 1962, but the brutal attack this year (with nail-studded clubs!) combined with China's wolf-warrior "diplomacy" has permanently turned India into an enemy. While India's GDP is piddling in comparison to China's, due to decades of crony-capitalist faux-socialism, it still has a young population that is not aging like China's and is a huge market that will now be off-limits to the kinds of high-end products China wants to break into. What's more, the Indians are now developing their own 5G technology in-house at Reliance Jio that could prove to be a formidable competitor to Huawei in the future, as telecoms networks are being eaten by software and software is something India is good at, unlike hardware.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: That analysis gets an upvote from me

      If you want a country to buy your 5G equipment, attacking its soldiers with nail studded clubs is perhaps not the way.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: China has made a durable enemy of India

      That's just one of several border incidents. Notice that they don't include proper weapons -- there's some people out there who have got their heads screwed on properly. Since that particualr incident border troops have been pulled back far enough to make further DiY border incidents unlikely.

      The US has been building an alliance designed to 'contain' China, its referred to as "the Quad". Part of this process is to ramp up rhetoric and, where possible, tensions between members of this group and China. What this amounts to, though, is a 'cut nose off despite face' process since the countries involved such as Australia need the trade with China so annoying them can have negative economic consequences. Meanwhile in India the current government needs an external distraction, an imminent threat, to cover for the fact that as goverment go its a bit of a shambles -- its heavy on the nationalist rhetoric but doesn't seem to be able to manage its economy that well. (Prior to the current Covid disaster its bright idea for domestic policy was to displace innumerable people from farms to make way for more efficient international agribusinesses.)

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