back to article India approves 5G trials – if they don't use Chinese 5G kit

India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has finally granted approval for service providers to start 5G trials. Curiously, Chinese 5G equipment vendors, like Huawei and ZTE, did not make the list of approved network equipment providers. The government issued press release named Bharti Airtel Ltd, Reliance JioInfocomm …

  1. David Shaw

    accidentally using 5G in Milan centre

    an iPhone12 with a "4G SIM" suddenly lit up a "5", where the "4" used to be.

    So I did a Speedtest and download was 617.9 Mbps. Ping 25 ms.

    neat, I think this could be a revolutionary tech, replacing Wi-Fi inside the home, bringing 8K+ TV bandwidth. lots of unexpected uses in the near future, a big opportunity. I can't predict the half of the uses pending from 5G, and I saw TimBL writing his amazing Web.

    I don't care which empire produces the tech, I consider myself constantly surveilled anyway. Just keep testing the tech and launch it when appropriate.

    Be businesslike, there are risks to overt protectionism, blowback , as it were - so try and do it neutrally, unless there are economic factors that aren't yet clear which really require lawfare/sanctionware/warfare?

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