back to article HPE debuts storage-as-a-service platform based on a new storage array: Alletra

HPE is trying to up its Greenlake public cloud-like game by launching a storage-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with data service software abstraction layers operating on new Alletra storage arrays. The set-up has a Data Service Cloud Console (DSCC) that has API access to the Alletra arrays so they can be managed in the same way …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So Not a New Array At All

    The 9000 is the second rebrand of 3PAR and the 6000 gives the same name to the a Nimble array.

    No new array then, just 1 new name for 2 existing technologies.

    A very old acquisition and a more recent acquisition.

    Good job the printer Inc took the HP Invents slogan.

    It's absolutely fine the 3PAR and Nimble product lines are still evolving but please HPE cut the rebranding cr@p.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So Not a New Array At All

      I think we have to accept that rebranding is very common in the IT world. HPE is not the only company that does it - EMC's storage portfolio, and IBM's too, have seen significant rebranding of late. The "Alletra" introduction does come rather soon after Primera and I think this must be to emphasise the new cloud console/services and consumption charging aspects, common to both 6000 and 9000 HW architectures. Yes, the Alletra models are developments of the Nimble and Primera product lines, but the arrays are new, with significant changes in the area of internal connectivity and performance (the 6000 design with its controllers using AMD processors appears to offer a huge boost to performance in comparison to the existing Intel-CPU-based Nimble AF range).

      As far as I recall, HP, as it was, dropped the Carly Fiorina era "HP invent" logo at least 10 years ago, and long before the HP/HPE split. Lazy website and documentation maintainers seem to have ensured that the old HP logo with the "invent" tag at the bottom still pops up from time to time but I don't think we'll ever see HP Inc. using it, even though they of course hold the original "hp" logo.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not a completely horrible strategy

    HPE brings in new storage chief, rebrands, relaunches, says happy channel things, says it’s all about management software, we’re going to win with services, underfunds, cuts costs, brings in new storage chief. They tried server guys, now an Aruba guy. But it’s same same.

    Given that… an Aruba and Infosight management core is a good idea. If network and cloud managers buy in, if public cloud integration is seamless, if roadmap for partner arrays can join in, if they can migrate legacy 3PAR and MSA. Primera is 3PAR ASIC NVME and competitive. Nimble I still don’t get the attraction but I guess it hunts. HPE can still compete against Dell and Pure.

    What will Kurt them though is they have too many products for their P&” and so they never fund these storage management software plays. It will be roadmap forever, again. The partner and legacy support won’t happen. And there are no more big storage acquisitions. So it still comes down to how much you like 3PAR or Nimble. Which the next guy will rebrand as Urethra in 2024.

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