back to article Not as many $1m customers as last quarter? Sorry, we're out: ServiceNow shares fall despite soaring revenues

ServiceNow has spooked investors by adding fewer high-value contracts in the first calendar quarter of 2021 than it did the previous quarter. Although Q1 subscription revenues were $1.293bn, up 30 per cent on a year earlier, net income from operations was $97m, up 7 per cent, and performance beat market expectations, shares …

  1. Cederic Silver badge

    almost excellent

    I'm a bit torn on ServiceNow. Their technology is well designed and its capabilities are excellent but the UI always scares me away. I almost want ServiceNow as a purely API driven engine and provide the UI on-site.

    (I think that's actually possible too).

    1. Down not across

      Re: almost excellent

      I have no doubt it has plenty of capabilities. Perhaps bit too much. I suspect down to implementation, but its utterly horrid and slow (guess looking up valid values for (nearly) every field takes its time).

      So his "Our purpose has never been more relevant. We are making the world of work work better for people." ...for me they are making world of work much much worse.

  2. yoganmahew

    Rant workflow triggered

    This is an automated approval for a production system rant triggered by the words "Service Now". Your productivity engine has been downgraded to a hopeless box filler. Your engagement service is disengaged. Doctors are standing by.

  3. hoola Silver badge

    Eternal Growth

    There appears to be this concept that growth never stops. Revenues are up so why the hell are shares down?

    Is nothing ever good enough for these investment people?

    You look back and they have had some massive increases in subscription revenue in 2018/19 that were clearly not going to be repeated. I thought these bankers and analysts jobs is supposed to be forecasting this sort of stuff not dreaming up fantasy.

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