back to article Report: World's population of developers expands, JavaScript reigns, C# overtakes PHP

The world has more developers than ever, a new SlashData survey has reported - with 1.4 million more JavaScript developers than six months ago - and developer work patterns have been permanently altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. SlashData's six-monthly State of the Developer Nation report is based on a survey of over 19,000 …

  1. vtcodger Silver badge


    The world has more developers than ever, a new SlashData survey has reported - with 1.4 million more JavaScript developers than six months ago

    More Javascript? Human civilization (assuming such exists) clearly is doomed.

    1. Warm Braw

      Re: Doom

      The extra 1.4M are probably accounted for by a single project judging by the size of the average webpage these days.

      I think they're called "frameworks" because of the enormous dead weight they carry.

      1. J27

        Re: Doom

        All modern Java toolchains (yes, you need a bunch of tools to "build" JavaScript now), are designed to strip out unused code. Now, you might think I'm defending this practice, but I'm not. The JavaScript ecosystem is now so heavy and complex that you absolutely NEED an entire toolchain to strip out entirely unused code to ship a half-decent website.

        Unfortunately, JavaScript is the tool we have, not the tool we want. Maybe changes are coming with Web Assembly, or maybe it's another dead end.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Doom

          "NEED an entire toolchain to strip out entirely unused code to ship a half-decent website."

          You absolutely do not. Define half-decent? "Today's" standard for FULL-decent is CDN dependencies that add "social" callback/spy functions with flat over-the-top css templates that create recursive properties, which you don't control at all as you just plug the API with pseudo "high" level syntax (a.k.a. slow+bloated). If someone is using these callback/spy API's, they're part of a much larger problem, a problem of attitude which can be summarized from a movie called "Boyz n the Hood": Man... I'll suck you're...

          Any privacy blocker will show you what it has disabled, check it out sometime, it's about 50% of the runtime. Some sites, mostly music, have been running the same code for nearly a decade. Also, "redesign" today means permanent reflow minus any real features and that reflow will block until all the callback/spy functions have been enabled or disabled. Blocked/unblocked, either way takes too much time for that IRC-in-the-browser which was never hard to begin with (especially with i-frames :-/ ).

          I know it means very little, but 20+ years ago a cracking group called Drink or Die had some wizard running their website that did 3D-licious things with javascript and even exploited ActiveX runtimes in IE to do even more crazy sprite effects. That site always stands out as there is no commercial site today that has even 1/2 that interaction. That was 20 years ago and probably by some solo cracker making it!

        2. Warm Braw

          Re: Doom

          Maybe changes are coming with Web Assembly

          They're not, unfortunately. It's just a common intermediate language to which scripts can be compiled: it takes the same fundamental mistake and opens it up to a wider range of programming languages.

    2. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Doom

      I think their results need to be re-considered, especially when compared with The TIOBE Index

      C: 14.32%

      Java: 11.23%

      Python: 11.03%

      C++: 7.14%

      C-pound: 4.91%

      VB: 4.55%

      JavaScript: 2.44%

      This is a LOT closer to what my own observations have been, anecdotally at least. JS and C-pound are just NOT all that popular...

      Python doing amazingly well, though. Still, if you want to advertise your skills, and spend time improving them, focusing on C, C++, and Java seem to be your best bets. In My Bombastic Opinion, anyway.

      [having a zillion "how do I" posts on stack overflow does NOT a popular lingo make!]

      1. RyokuMas

        Re: Doom

        ... and there you have it...

  2. Plest Silver badge

    Ermm. nope!

    I use Go and often as not that's not considered a proper programming language by so called "real" software developers. So if me using Go is not considered proper developement, I'm buggered if I believe Javascript is a real lanaguge!

    1. Ilsa Loving

      Re: Ermm. nope!

      Javascript isn't a language. It's the result of a dog eating it's own poop and then throwing it up again, that someone then put in a box and managed to sell to a crackhead.

      1. teknopaul

        Re: Ermm. nope!

        I have 64 threads locked on a log mutex here and servers falling over to remind me that procedural/async languages do have benefits.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Ermm. nope!

          So instead of honouring that lock you'd rather they all puke over that log rendering it useless? If you knew what the f*ck you were doing perhaps you'd choose a decent logging library, but if you're a JavaScript programmer then you haven't got a f*cking clue anyway.

          1. chololennon

            Re: Ermm. nope!

            Decent logging library for Javascript? That just doesn't exist ... the most popular, Winston, is one of the worst logging libraries I've had the "pleasure" to work with (and I've used several libraries in C / C ++ / Java / Python). It looks like it was designed by a centennial hobbyist who has no idea how to use a log or how a logging library must be.

  3. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Naked Programming

    social nudity has experienced an “exponential” growth under lockdown, according to the national naturism society.

    A joint SlashData and National Naturism society survey is needed - programming languages used, sans clothing

    1. teknopaul

      Re: Naked Programming

      Mark me down as C Java JavaScript and bash scantily clad ~6months of the year.

      If there is still a travel ban in August I'll chalk up 30 days of Rust in the buff.

  4. Andrew Williams


    I still have zero idea why these huge JavaScript and CSS black boxes even exist.

    My two ideas are… raising the suicide rate, and that they must be a way of Hoovering loot out of companies while pretending they are are lean, efficient and absolutely necessary code. No proof or justification needed other than declaring it so. Oddly similar to the current “progressive” narrative where they are right and must be obeyed even if it means declaring gravity doesn’t exist, or that it’s inherently racist, because slaves… Newton.

    1. John Sturdy

      Re: Bafflement…

      Perhaps things have got so complex that no-one dares remove anything? For a web page, FFS.

  5. RyokuMas

    But, but, but...

    No doubt SOMEONE will be posting SHORTLY with stats from the TIOBE index and a rant about how "C-pound" and ".Not" are doomed...

  6. sw guy

    Thus JavaScript is twice award winning

    Both most used and most hated language

    (from a neutral observer, I never used it, I never learned it, …, I just summarize what I eard)

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