back to article India orders takedowns of social media posts it claims harm fight against raging COVID-19 outbreak

As India battles a surging second wave of COVID-19 cases and severe shortages of medical supplies, the nation's government has told Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to remove social media posts it says may panic its populace with misinformation. The takedown requests were lodged on Friday, a day before India recorded more than …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Miracle Mineral Supplement

    Then you have these snake oil salesmen out of Florida:

    1. Mahhn

      Re: Miracle Mineral Supplement

      Reading that is perplexing legally, as they apparently sold millions worth, and it is supposedly dangerous, so much it reads like it would kill someone instantly. But they aren't being charged with causing anyone harm, just disobeying a request to stop selling it. Also this,

      1. DS999 Silver badge

        Re: Miracle Mineral Supplement

        The feds often start by charging the smaller crimes first, then move on to bigger crimes which require more evidence and might be helped by searches that take place after arrest for the smaller crimes. i.e. if they can prove people contacted them saying stuff like "my father bought your product, drank it and it killed him" and the guy brushed him off and continued selling, that makes a FAR stronger case than just selling something "you should have known" was harmful

  2. WizzerWotsit

    India is a country with diverse cultures.

    It has some of the wealthiest people on the planet and many of the poorest.

    The country knew what was coming and chose to do nothing, or simply didn't care about its population enough to prepare.

    I fear this pandemic has shone a light on this countries disorganisation, greed and, dare I say, corruption.

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