back to article British IT teacher gets three-year ban after boozing with students at strip club during school trip to Costa Rica

An IT teacher at an English private school has been banned from teaching for 36 months for "unacceptable professional conduct" that included getting drunk and visiting a strip club with one or more pupils. The case of Richard Glenn, employed by Longridge Towers School in Northumberland, was heard by a professional conduct …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Is there a positive side to this?

    In a few years he might be elected Prime Minister for such typical boorish behavior (darn auto-correct).

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Is there a positive side to this?

      Well at least elected to Parliament, right?

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Is there a positive side to this?

      Or possibly not because this lack of excess would not be tolerated in the Bullingdon Club!

  2. PJ H

    I am disappoint...

    ... our teacher only took us to a performance of "An Inspector Calls."

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I am disappoint...

      It is scary...

      Back in the late 1970's the school put on a production of the play "The Dark of the Moon" - language as scripted, costumes also as per stage directions and thus including nudity.

      Also, we had sixth form vs. staff darts matches in a local pub with all consuming alcohol - although not to excess.

      Today, it would seem both activities would be front page news, as would a teacher throwing chalk at a boy not paying attention and talking to his mate in class...

      1. AMBxx Silver badge

        Re: I am disappoint...

        17 years olds drinking with their teachers has much to commend it. Less likely to get bladdered and the kids see that drinking sensibly can be fun.

        I used to drink at a sailing club. Barman was a teacher who knew how old we all were. Never any problems and much better than cider in the car park.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: I am disappoint...

          There was a pub accross the road from my school. Thankfully there were two bars and a games room, so mostly we managed to keep clear of our teachers, but every once in a while they came into the games room to play darts.

        2. big_D Silver badge

          Re: I am disappoint...

          I was in the local with a mate, drinking a beer at the bar and he started talking about what his dad was going to give him for his 18th birthday!

          I kicked his shin, then asked, "what did you get?" The barman just carried on, as if he hand't heard anything.

          Another time, I was with the Police Cadet Corps at a sailing school. I was a 16 year old instructor's assistant. We all trundled off to the pub and I ordered a beer. I got served.

          A police woman next to me ordered a beer as well and was refused. She stated she was 24, the barman said he didn't believe her, she produced her police warrant card and he still didn't want to serve her! In the end, her CO vouched for her and she got served...

          1. Roland6 Silver badge

            Re: I am disappoint...

            >A police woman next to me ordered a beer as well and was refused. She stated she was 24, the barman said he didn't believe her

            If this was from the 70's & 80's then I would half-expect that behaviour from a barman: the young lady was clearly with men and her superior - they should be gentlemen and be buying her drink.

        3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

          Re: I am disappoint...

          17 years olds drinking with their teachers has much to commend it. Less likely to get bladdered and the kids see that drinking sensibly can be fun.

          I certainly remember that growing up in a culture of prohibition inculcalted a desire in my generation to get drunk. Hence, a fondness for cheap and disgusting Thunderbird, White Lightning, etc.

          I also remember trying to take my younger brother into a pub with me for a breather during Christmas shopping and be refused entry – he'd have only got and wanted a soft drink. Because I'd already been to the continent a few times where in many countries it's perfectly normal to see whole families in bars, this really jarred and still echoes discrimination againts families, though I think things have improved a bit since then.

          That said, I think recent research indicates that young adults are particularly sensitive to alcohol so moderation really should be observed.

        4. Cuddles

          Re: I am disappoint...

          "17 years olds drinking with their teachers has much to commend it. Less likely to get bladdered and the kids see that drinking sensibly can be fun."

          I guess it depends on the teacher. A couple of chill pints, emphasis on the "sensibly" part, sure. Getting blackout drunk and threatening to kill your students, probably not so great. Having a casual drink with your students after work might be frowned upon these days, but there are thousands of school trips like this one happening all the time (OK, maybe not right now) and it would be very naive to assume that no drinking happens. You just don't hear about the vast majority that don't result in a teacher being sent home early for behaviour that goes way over the line.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I am disappoint...

        In the mid 80s we had a strict rule that teachers and pupils stuck to their own pubs to avoid potential issues...

        1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

          Re: I am disappoint...

          My deputy headmaster bought us a few rounds in the pub on a sixth form trip in about 1990. Some of us were smoking in there too, which I remember because I won a pint of horrible cider by eating a cigarette.

          Not a private school, and not exotic Costa Rica either. Physics trip to visit Sellafield. Which was fascinating. We did set the radiation alarms off though, which caused a modicum of shouting into phones and rushing about. My mate moved while being scanned as we were leaving the area where they open the spent fuel rods - and the machine retaliated by declaring him radioactive and setting off a surprisingly loud set of alarms. Either that or it just malfunctioned, but then they had to bring alternate testing kit and get approval to shut the alarms up and check they hadn’t accidentally irradiated a school trip. Which wouldn’t have been the best PR...

          Maybe that explains the strip club visit? Cover-up! What really happened, that they’re trying to distract us from? This club has a no touching policy for all radioactive clients...

      3. big_D Silver badge

        Re: I am disappoint...

        My old English teacher could target the earlobe of someone not paying attention in the back row with a stub of chalk. He received a lot of respect.

        He would also clap out the board rubbers over misbehaving pupils' heads.

        At college, a friend of mine got in a fight with another student, who threatened to call his father, my mate and I (witness) were ushered into the lecturer's office. He sat us down, then said, "the guy's a tosser, just ignore him. I'll deal with his father. Now, who wants a drink? Fag* anyone?" He then produced a bottle of Glenfiddich and a pack of B&H from his desk drawer.

        * To our cousins across the water, Fag is English slang for cigarette. So, it is quite normal to bum a fag off someone (borrow/request a cigarette).

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: I am disappoint...

          "Now, who wants a drink? Fag* anyone?" He then produced a bottle of Glenfiddich and a pack of B&H from his desk drawer."

          Oh yea? Well someone tell this cigarette over here that this is A-Merica, we drink Budweiser or Jack Daniels!

      4. Mooseman Silver badge

        Re: I am disappoint...

        "teacher throwing chalk at a boy not paying attention and talking to his mate in class."

        Chalk? You went to a soft school then - ours used to lob wooden board rubbers at us; we got adept at ducking beneath those flip top desks. The teacher who threw a chair at a pupil was reprimanded though.

        1. Roland6 Silver badge

          Re: I am disappoint...

          >Chalk? You went to a soft school then...

          Probably, but from what you said it seems even your school had degrees of reprimand:



          Board rubber


          Just that in these times some would think that a board rubber (that could do some real damage) was excessive compared to a piece of chalk...

          1. 0laf

            Re: I am disappoint...

            Yep I was regularly attending a local hostelry from the age of 15/16 under the wind of the older guys from my local air cadets.

            All very sensible really when you think about it, we got introduced to drinking under supervision and we never got wasted or did anything stupid.

            The local landlord (RIP) was well in on it to the point where he's come and give us a bottle of (awful) fizz on our 18th birthdays, even though we'd been going to his place for a number of years.

            This sort of thing is missed these days in the world of box ticking rules. There is no tolerence for being gentle introduced to the adult world. One day you're a kid, the next you can drink all you want.

            As for this teacher, he sounds like a bit of an arse but he was probably well liked by the pupils he was in the club with. However, sharing a room with a female staff member that isn't your romantic other, that's doesn't sound very clever at all.

            1. Allan George Dyer

              Re: I am disappoint...

              Our teachers didn't drink with us... until after our last exam, when we were no longer students, then we had a bit of a celebration.

              OTOH, I was drinking with the Venture Scout leaders at 16, after the meetings.

          2. 0laf

            Re: I am disappoint...

            Had a primary school teacher that would lob things at us (late 80s). Best teacher I ever had. He let us do all sorts of inappropriate things at that age (11). Usually involving power tools.

      5. Boothy

        Re: I am disappoint...

        Quote: "as would a teacher throwing chalk at a boy not paying attention and talking to his mate in class..."

        Reminds me of a physics class I was once in, first class of a new term, teacher I'd not had before so didn't know me, got a board rubber (the wooden things), thrown at me for not paying attention, I was doodling in my book (knowing me probably animated stick figures in the corner of the book).

        I caught it, threw it back instantly, teacher had to duck, I then answered the question he'd posed on the board, correctly. I'd already figured it out, so was doodling in my book as I was bored, waiting for the next question. I was never one to volunteer answers back then!

        Yup, I ended up in detention, but it was worth it, I was the cool kid for a while, well till the end of that day anyway!

      6. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I am disappoint...

        I remember being at school and a mate getting the wooden board rubber thrown at him. Luckily he'd raised the lid of his desk and it ricocheted off. The desired silence then ensued.

        Also remember going to the pub with teachers on a school camp and being allowed to buy a 5 litre container of cider from one of the local farms. The good old days.

  3. Trigun Silver badge

    I suspect the teacher will probably be needing to find a different career as a 3 year interruption. Perhaps a school IT tech bod instead? No teaching involved there, but the may may be a lot less.

  4. jockmcthingiemibobb

    Cue some 18 year old lad appearing in the tabloids next year demanding compensation as he was traumatized due to attending a strip club at 17

  5. werdsmith Silver badge

    I remember teachers making threats of violence when they weren't drunk. Well as far as I know they weren't drunk.

    1. John Jennings

      top you there

      I remember teachers beating the crap out of students when they wernt drunk. Fairly sure Fifi (a french teacher) DIDNT drink - but he did have a violent streak to him...

      Beafer (the French head of department) was regularly hung over in class - he never hit anyone - but was deadly accurate with a duster...

      1. chivo243 Silver badge

        Re: top you there

        duster? Had a teacher Mz. Dust (old spinster) who drank vodka or gin (depending on the day) out of a thermos, tanked by 10 am.

        1. Jan 0 Silver badge

          Re: top you there

          Don't get excited, a duster is a "board rubber".

    2. Andy Non

      I remember being beaten on multiple occasions with a cane by the headmaster and hands beaten with a ruler by another teacher. Both were sober and full of malice. My crime: Failing to pray aloud to some god or other in morning assembly.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You didn't go to the same school as Dave Allen by any chance did you?

        1. Andy Non

          Brilliant Dave Allen sketch. :-) No I went to a state secondary school. Student beatings were commonplace in the 60's and 70's. Thankfully, they are no longer allowed. The headmaster at my school was determined that there were to be no atheists at his school and all the pupils were to become Christians if he had to beat it into each and every one of us. Curiously, such enforced indoctrination has backfired in the UK with church attendances falling and religion viewed as irrelevant by the majority of the population.

      2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        I also went to the school of petty institutional violence. Our deputy head, Miss H., used to punish boys (girls were obviously angels) by hitting them across the calves with a ruler: stung rather than hurt. Corporal punishment had just been banned but some habits die hard.

        1. Mooseman Silver badge

          "Corporal punishment had just been banned but some habits die hard." My schooldays were just at the end of the corporal punishment era - not that most of the teachers would have cared either way, they were definitely of the flog 'em mindset. We had a PE teacher (who also doubled as maths and geography stand-in for some reason) who liked to set the boys off on endless circuits of the gym, complete with obstacles, on the way. If you stumbled or fell over he would pull you up by the ear or nipple. We got our own back by picking up his car ( a mini) and putting it inside the fives court on our last day.

    3. DrXym Silver badge

      I had a teacher with a penchant for through blackboard erasers at people who weren't paying attention. He was actually a good teacher but didn't tolerate people off in their own little worlds.

      1. DrXym Silver badge

        It is here that I curse autocorrect for replacing "throwing" with "through".

        1. GrumpenKraut


          I meanwhile un-autocorrupt errors like that when reading. Should I be worried?

  6. JDPower666

    The bit I don't get - why did the pupils go? Going to a strip club with a teacher would be one of the most uncomfortable, cringy and downright weird things you could ever consider doing. Even in my most hormonal teenage years I'd have run a mile from that!

    1. gotes

      They were probably drunk.

    2. ThatOne Silver badge

      > why did the pupils go?

      They most likely did this for a dare: At this age they are overeager to prove they are manly and adult...*roll eyes*

      Besides, vacations in distant lands always have a disinhibiting effect: People, especially younger ones, tend to do things they would be ashamed of at home.

      1. Roland6 Silver badge

        >> why did the pupils go?

        It seems two of the older sixth formers went in first and he followed with a group of others.

        What isn't mentioned in the report is Longridge Towers School is a mixed school (I looked it up as I thought being private it would a boys only school...), so do we assume he was out with "the boys" or was his group mixed...

    3. John Doe 12

      Before I continue I will say out loud that I feel the same as you do about this topic - even now as a middle aged adult. But seeing as you and I both read The Register we are probably a small bit like Roy and Moss from the I.T. crowd and so not really a benchmark for typical strip club clientele ;-)

    4. CommanderGalaxian

      Because they wanted to?

    5. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Depends a lot on their background and their relationship with the teacher. IT could be pretty "cool" and this was probably their first trip in the big wide world so the heady call of the "exotic" too strong to withstand, especially after a couple of pints. We all have to learn, at some point, how shabby and disppointing these places are.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    exposed his naked body to the female leader

    who suffered an instant seizure, had to be resuscitated on the spot and evacuated immediately by air ambulance, and since has suffered life-long nightmares as well as a loss of income, insta account, and constant bullying from feral cats while shopping in supermarkets.

  8. low_resolution_foxxes

    I snorted and guffawed far too much reading this article.

    The naked guy exposing himself to other tent occupiers just closed off the carnage.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      That's not the best one!

      exposing your naked body to the female leader of the trip in your shared hotel room.

      The report doesn't make any comment about these 'teachers aka "role models" sharing a room when they weren't married in a relationship - in fact we know that the male teacher was married - I wonder what his wife made of this disclosure...

      Personally, if you are sharing a room, it is a given, you can expect to see the other occupiers in various states of undress.

      My partner's (she's been an HR director) question to the lady in these circumstances is along the lines - how hairy and big was he? if they can't answer they weren't looking and so didn't see anything.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        But they're sleeping in tents. Presumably separate tents.

        I took that comment about a shared room to refer to communal bathrooms or something on site.

        1. Roland6 Silver badge

          >I took that comment about a shared room to refer to communal bathrooms or something on site.

          Para 1.f: "exposing his naked body to the female leader of the trip in their shared

          hotel room."

          Is, I think unambiguous.

          However, the report is very poorly researched and written and reflects poorly on the competence of the TRA to actually investigate cases of professional misconduct.

          Talking to my teenagers, for their school trips, the accompanying staff (including married couples) were allocated to single-sex rooms/dorm's.. So I suggest the fact this didn't happen raises questions about the ethos of the school about what it considers normal and in this instance clearly failed in their duty of care to their teacher in putting them in a questionable accommodation situation.

          Personally, I think he may have grounds to appeal, however I doubt being a private school teacher that he is a member of a union...

  9. Warm Braw

    What's going on in Northumberland?

    In another recent case, also originating in 2019, an indefinite prohibition. And yes, there is an IT angle: ... he was rumbled by the school's IT system....

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: What's going on in Northumberland?

      Same as in the rest of the UK

  10. Bob McBobface

    Teaching done right

    Good effort, proper life skills teaching. We were battered regularly by teachers and were forced to drink in the saloon bar of the pub at lunchtimes as the staff were in the other... good times...

  11. Stuart Halliday

    Obviously he has personal problems if he thought he could get drunk in front of pupils.

    1. low_resolution_foxxes

      I'd agree, one pint is a grey area, 10 pints is just sad.

  12. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge


    An American "IT Instructor" gets gaslighted whilst her "student" goes on to be "World King"

  13. Tron Silver badge

    Posh kids get to go to Costa Rica?

    We didn't make it to South America. Instead we got taken to the worst performance of 'The Tempest' in theatrical history. I was a suburban innocent, but the girl in the seat next to me was from a London school, and girls mature faster than boys. When the lights went down, her hand strayed. It was very educational.

    Some time after I left, one of our teachers made her point by waving her underwear in an assembly. I think she got a ticking off for that. She had a biting wit, the looks and style of a model, & a unique, often terrifying personality. She was my teacher for two memorable years in a class of about half a dozen students. Those years expedited my passage through puberty at quite a rate, leaving me with a moth/flame attraction to the sort of ladies that boys' mothers do not approve of. No names, no pack drill.

    The 80s were wonderfully inappropriate. I doubt comprehensives today are quite as much fun. I feel sorry for the kids - a pandemic hammering their futures, no decent holidays and an education filled with puritanical woke sermons.

    If anyone finds a working Tardis/pimped Delorean on ebay, can you drop me off in 1982. Even with an internet filled with unlimited free pr0n, the 21st century still managed to defy logic and be bollocks.

  14. Robert 22

    I live in Canada, but recall a teacher complaining that she didn't dare go to a bar because she would likely run into her students. Though I think the concern was mostly that the students would embellish their accounts of what they saw and spread them around.

  15. That 8 Bit Guy

    I'm sure you lot remember the teacher strike of 1985. Teachers including the deputy head (that are wanting more pay and always had new cars in the parking lot) always ended up at the Savoy at lunch time, and so was 20 of us of the sixth form, paying for the plonk and Guinness for the old leeches. No shandy for us. Good times.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I remember it because our school rioted. Ah, the good old state school days.

  16. hoola Silver badge

    More than meets the eye

    One assumes that he was on the trip as a "responsible adult" to provide "pastoral care" for the classes. I am guessing (based on my kids going through VI Form) that he was a Form Tutor for one of the classes in the year group.

    Now in my opinion he was at work, representing the school during the trip. Clearly there will be periods of time off but common sense should be telling him that doing something as blatantly stupid as this was going to end in disaster. If the pupils were Upper VI then some could conceivable have been 18 but he should have known what was what. To go out drinking at a strip club was just stupid beyond belief and he should certainly be looking for employment outside of education. Whilst he can reapply I cannot really see how any school would want to risk taking someone with this history back on again.

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