back to article Salesforce beats banks to top UK exec salary survey while Microsoft drops out of league

Salesforce has topped a survey of UK executive salaries with median earnings of around £100,000 per annum, beating investment bank Man Group and consultancy Kearney to the top spot. The SaaSy CRM company, which makes a big deal of allegedly world-improving "stakeholder capitalism" and "ohana" (the Hawaiian concept of family), …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I just saw what the abruptly departing General Council of Coca Cola got for staying on another year as consultant: a $4M "joining fee" and a monthly pay for a year of $666.666 - and yes, that figure looks like someone with a warped sense of humo(u)r was involved in the negotiations.

    Yet, it appears everyone is happy that he left..

  2. Franklin

    Ah, that would explain why I'm getting 30-40 bits of spam a day advertising stock pump and dump scams, all originating from Salesforce-owned IP addresses. They gotta make that money somehow....

    I here there's big bucks in bulletproof spam services.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really is that all?

    Comforting to know that average executive salaries are equivalent or less than really good techie salaries, given that all executives do is mostly take credit for stuff they've never done and push blame to the under-managers when it all goes tits up! £86k doesn't sound like much money for an executive at a national company when a really senior techie can make upwards of £120k, heck even a 10+ year qualified mid-level techie can easily cut £75k or more in the financial sector.

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