back to article Greener Windows? Microsoft previews EcoQoS and Task Manager Eco Mode for would-be power-sipping devs

Microsoft is previewing a new Windows developer feature called EcoQoS for reducing power consumption, as well as adding Eco Mode to Task Manager. As such, Microsoft has requested developers use an API, where appropriate, that asks Windows to trade performance for efficiency. According to program manager Raymond Li, the new …

  1. tiggity Silver badge

    too much crud running

    The average windows machine runs a mass of dross by default

    Whenever I get a new Windows machine, first thing I do is alter a lot of services to disabled, cull junk from the startup, uninstall a lot of preinstalled drivel etc.

    Edit hosts file to point known "bad" IPS / uris to (if its a machine that will be going away from home & so wont be protected by the home network nuking of various ad, tracking uris)

    Improves performance a lot, so presumably greener.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Do you know you can create multiple recycle bin icons with different names.

    You can then tell your users that they have to 'recycle' text documents and colour pictures in separate bins because of new Eu / EPA regulations.

    Then see who laughs ....

    1. sgp

      Re: Alternately

      Don't forget to tell them that they can only empty the documents bin on mondays!

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Alternately

        ...and they’re being watched by their webcam to make sure they drag icons to the correct recycle bin, and it’s all perfectly legal under RIPA...

  3. Howard Sway Silver badge

    Task Manager Eco Mode

    Yeah, I could treat this announcement with a miniscule morsel of credibility, were it not for Windows Update continually pushing out what must be petabytes of updates to millions of PCs around the world because of their crappy coding . How about thinking of a way to reduce that carbon footprint, namely write and test your software properly and stop rushing it out before it's ready because you're terrified of not being "first to market" with some underwhelming new feature.

    And how about not having to run a sodding word processor in your very profitable but very power thirsty "cloud"? No, we'll just conveniently forget about all that stuff and try and market some irrelevant task manager thread scheduler as some big green planet saving deal in order to have a bit of greenwash feelgood marketing brag.

    1. AndrueC Silver badge

      Re: Task Manager Eco Mode

      And how about not having to run a sodding word processor in your very profitable but very power thirsty "cloud"?

      Playing devil's advocate a bit here but centralising the power consumption could make it easier to address power consumption. It would allow the data centre to use mitigation techniques and technologies that are not practical to roll out across the global power networks.

      You could for instance build your data centre somewhere really cold to reduce cooling costs.

      Of course whether you could ever reduce consumption enough to offset the costs of network access by clients is another matter. But being 'environmentally friendly' shouldn't mean 'never do anything that harms the environment'. If it did that would be the end of human civilisation. There needs to be an element of compromise. Things should be allowed to harm the environment (but with as much mitigation as is practical) if they have sufficient other benefits to our civilisation.

      I leave it up to the reader to decide how much value 'the cloud' brings (or will bring) to human civilisation :)

  4. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    Windows update failures

    I’ve often wondered how many power stations are required just to keep machines in the state of updating, or as is often the case, stuck on updating windows, and failing a lot of the time

  5. druck Silver badge

    Save energy?

    So this saves energy by making an application slower? Well apart from wasting my time (when I could be out planting trees or something) and burning more electricity to power my monitors, wont this give Windows even more chances to decide to do a burst of unexpected activity, suddenly spinning up the fans to full speed when you aren't doing anything? Strange how the same hardware doesn't do that when running Linux, so if you want an eco mode close your Windows.

  6. fpx

    Imagine the power savings if billions of Windows PCs stopped spying -- sorry, gathering mandatory telemetry data -- on their users.

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