back to article You only love me for my cache: New modules try to make NoSQL Redis more of a general-purpose database

Redis Labs has announced a slew of new modules designed to enhance consistency, boost machine learning, and bolster JSON document support in its core open-source database. The new add-ons are optional and will be available in the second half of the year with release 7.0. Redis has hit the big time in the last year, rising to …

  1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Why indeed?

    Why have a slow database with a caching system to support it, when you can have a fast database that can respond in less than one millisecond under any transaction load?

    Yes, because there are no imaginable criteria for a database rather than latency.

    "Here's my hammer. Notice how every problem is a nail?"

    The Redis team should be interested in my new NoSQL database, 14base. While it doesn't guarantee the correct answer, unless that answer is "14", it is exceedingly fast. It uses a proprietary search function which returns "14" in response to all queries.

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