back to article Microsoft pledges Malaysian Azure region after winning government cloud gig

Microsoft has announced a new Azure region in Malaysia. As is often the case, Microsoft hasn't said when its new data centres will fire up or if they'll offer a complete range of Azure services. The company has said that Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform will be offered. Microsoft has also pledged …

  1. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    When I saw the sub headline, "Complete with availability zones, coming real soon now after it turns local kids onto the cloud", I read it as "turns local kids into the cloud" , thought "Wow, Microsoft have advanced their DNA as memory research a little more than I thought" and had visions of thousands of kids ,all laying there expressionless and still while their brains were processing terabytes of Azure data each.

    This comment started partly as a joke, but it's worryingly plausible. While the technology is not there to do this yet, I think given half the chance, corporations will do it.

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