back to article 1Password targets developers with Secrets Automation, acquisition of SecretHub

Password specialist 1Password has acquired SecretHub, a secrets management platform aimed at IT engineers, and made a new service called Secrets Automation, previously in beta, generally available. The proliferation of passwords and SSH keys in modern IT has brought with it a tricky management problem, not only for people but …

  1. razorfishsl


    used to be good.......

    you could have the standalone app and pay for upgrades...

    Then they decided to fuck everyone and shove a money hose up your ass.

    Converted it to a "cloud version" and started charging monthly,......

    WTF would you want all your highly confidential p.w stored in the cloud?

    THEN it leaked that the P.W were not actually protected..... when the app loads it totally decrypts all the p.w & stores them in memory.....

    but that was spun...... to "it's highly unlikely that the p.w can be recovered in their un- encrypted state..."

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "GitHub also has its own Secrets API"

    Okay. For the past two decades I have been working with RSA encryption and I have repeatedly been told that knowing how encryption works does not mean you know how to decrypt a specific set of data.

    Despite the NSA, I do still hold that to be true, so, instead of everybody creating their own Secrets API, I think the community would be better served by an official, open-source Specrets API. One that even the NSA can't break into.

    Sorry, I'm not intelligent enough to write it myself - not to mention that it needs community adoption - but I'm guesssing that until we do have such a globally-accepting, publicly-reviewed tool in place, all we're going to get is different solutions who all base their efficiency on the words "highly unlikely".

    And that is not enough.

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