back to article India uses controversial Aadhaar facial biometrics to identify COVID vaccination recipients

India’s National Health Authority has commenced a pilot of facial recognition software as a means of identifying people as they queue in the nation's COVID-19 vaccine centres. The reason for using facial biometrics is simple: fingerprints or eyeball scans require touching equipment and getting close to machinery, both risky …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "A [..] facial recognition system therefore makes sense"

    Well, at least they won't have any white bias in the data. Maybe they'll even have found a way to make the system accurate, contrary to the failures in the US and UK.

    If that is the case, then India could be the first country to export an actual facial recognition system worth the name.

  2. man_iii

    Corporate Govt Mobster greed

    The amount of corruption endemic and systemic in india makes it more and more likely for exploitation of the population. People keep saying "it happens" and "adjust" as if greasing the wheels of criminals in power ever resulted in general good results long-term. People have become "gimme mine first" and "got mine eff u" .... sort of makes this a 1000 year problem not likely solvable even in that time.

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