back to article CyberBattleSim: Microsoft's open-source Holodeck in which autonomous attackers, defenders battle it out

Microsoft has open-sourced software that pits machine-learning-powered network intruders against automated defenders inside virtual networks. The tech, dubbed CyberBattleSim by its creators at the Microsoft 365 Defender research team, is a Python-based OpenAI Gym affair, and sets up pretend networks loaded with vulnerabilities …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not new..

    .. but interesting building on earlier ideas.

    We use Bayesian filtering on logs, and that tends to be quite good in popping up abnormal events, and that's basically very primitive to what an AI can bring. The challenge is always the learning: you best make sure you know for certain that your network is clean before you start training it.

    My only problem is the MS origin - will the AI "overlook" the data that MS is sneaking out of the network?

  2. Neoc


    "Adolescence of P1", anyone?

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