back to article Xen releases a new version 4.15 after a slightly delayed development process

The Xen project has released another upgrade to its open source hypervisor. Development of this new cut – version 4.15 – proved a little trickier than expected, with initial plans for three release candidates and a March 23rd release stretching to five release candidates and release today, April 8th. Was it worth the wait? …

  1. man_iii

    Install Xen to de Intel NUC

    I been trying to get XCP-ng 8.2.0 on an Intel NUC with 64Gigs RAM and a 1TB SSD. ... lets say no luck to be had. ... im gonna end up installing trial version VMware and later on just KVM and be done with it.

    I tried Proxmox but ran into issues with its webui not loading correctly. Might give Proxmox a try again as well later on.

    The real bummer is how much KVM and Linux are simpler and better than all the enterprise solutions. But I see so many enterprises stuck with VMware. I see the appeal of commercial license and support but it seems to be getting less and less reasonable to pay for virtualisation.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Install Xen to de Intel NUC

      RedHat/IBM would consider KVM to be their Enterprise offering. They'd probably sell you it as part of OpenStack or Ovirt. Both of these have the magic Enterprise dust sprinkled on them...

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