back to article What chipageddon? Samsung says sales and profits soared in Q1

Samsung has pre-announced its Q1 2021 earnings and predicted $58.1bn of consolidated sales and $8.3bn of operating profit. The company's guidance represents a 2.7 per cent increase in operating profit and 5.6 per cent increase in consolidated sales from Q4 2020. In year-on-year terms, Samsung had a 44.2 per cent increase in …

  1. Cuddles


    "attributable to smartphone sales, especially the new Galaxy S21 range, which came out at a lower price point than usual."

    Or to put it more accurately, came out at the same price point as usual, instead of the 50% or more higher price that it turned out few people were willing to pay. It's still more expensive than the S9 was just three years ago.

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